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Todd Horwitz Commentry

Market Report The Rally Explodes

Last week's rally continued, led by the Nasdaq and AI. NVDA's 30% gain boosted the market, economic data is weak, and inflation is rising.

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The U.S. Dollar & the Impact on Markets

The U.S. remains the world’s leading economy and military power, but the rise of China could usher in the fall of the dollar’s dominance.

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Bank Failures and Other Unintended Consequences

Silicon Valley Bank, one of the leading U.S. financial institutions with over $200 billion in assets, went under last week because of a run on the...


Echo Trade Joins Tradier As Latest Partner

Tradier announces partnership with Echo Trade, allowing investors to subscribe to strategies that fit their investment goals & copy trades of pro...

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Gold and Silver Mining Stocks in 2023

Gold and silver devotees believe that precious metals are long-term stores of value, and metals have a long history as means of exchange.

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China Could Offer Compelling Value in 2023

Leading Chinese stocks trading in Hong Kong offer value in late 2022, but as investors have learned over the past years, the potential for rewards...

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The Fed's Dilemma

On November 30, Fed Chairman Jerome Powell told markets while the central bank will continue its vigilance in fighting the highest inflation in four...

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Stocks Face End-of-the-Year Selling

With the Thanksgiving holiday in the market’s rearview mirror, the 2022 holiday season is now in full swing.

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Interview on Ticker News from Australia

With over 300 plus partners and tens of thousands of Active Traders using Tradier globally, we have become the source of data about Retail behavior....

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Q3 GDP and the November FOMC Meeting

While two consecutive quarterly GDP declines are the textbook definition of a recession, the third quarter results were a ray of sunshine for the...

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Military Spending Will Support Defense Stocks

Many market participants are seeking risk havens in “safe” companies that trade on the stock market. One of the most attractive havens could continue...

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Mid-Term US Elections and Markets

With the US mid-term elections only weeks away, voters will determine the majorities in the US House of Representatives and the Senate.


Tradier Welcomes Newest Partner - Trucharts

Trucharts is a real-time stock charting website built on angular, with powerful charting tools, a customizable screener, a backtesting feature, &...

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The Dollar Bull is a Problem for Stocks

The US dollar has long been the foreign exchange instrument of choice for cross-border trade agreements because of its status as the leading reserve...

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Q2 GDP and The July FOMC Meeting Up Next

While stocks and commodity prices retreated in June, the consumer and producer price index data continued to signal the worst inflation in over four...

Options Trading Summit

Tradier Hosts Options Trading Summit With Cboe

Did you miss the half-day virtual Tradier Options Summit on June 22? Here’s a recap of what you missed and information so you won’t miss the next...

Tradier Announces Partnership with TradingView

TradingView provides a charting platform and social network to over 30 million traders and investors worldwide to spot opportunities across global...

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Defining Discipline In Markets

The first rule that traders and investors must embrace is there are no rules when it comes to prices.

guest contributor

Up Your Gamma with Unusual Option Activity

TheoTrade is a trading education firm consisting of carefully vetted trading education teachers, coaches, mentors, as well as content operations and...

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Dealing With a Bearish Stock Market 

Bear markets have unique characteristics that create opportunities for traders and investors with their fingers on the pulse of markets.

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The Musk Empire

Elon Musk is the world’s wealthiest person, and his interests run far beyond the EV world.

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The Case For Gold and Gold-Related Stocks

Gold is the world’s most durable form of money that transcends borders. Governments worldwide classify gold as a foreign exchange reserve.

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The Rising US Dollar - A Mirage

The index that measures the US dollar against other leading world reserve currencies has made higher lows and higher highs.

Tradier welcomes ToroAlerts

ToroAlerts can be your unemotional watch dog tool that analyzes the markets for you.

Excited about OptionAlpha

Tradier partners with Option Alpha. Kirk Du Plessis, Will Gendron, Jack Slocum and the rest of the team at Option Alpha are passionate and focused on...

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Tradier Blog

Tradier Blog

Tradier in the News

Trade from Excel. Yes you can do it.

You can now do everything inside Excel including your Equity and Options trades with Tradier. Check out what MarketXLS has built.

Todd Horwitz Commentry

Market Report: Bears get hammered

Just when the bears thought it was safe to jump into the water the bulls seized control putting up one of the biggest weeks in years.

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Defense Stocks Take Center Stage

Defense contracts will increase given the geopolitical landscape over the coming weeks and months.

Todd Horwitz Commentry

Market Report: Bears get pounded

Just when the bears thought it was safe to get into the water, they get hammered once again.

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The Rise of Buy Now, Pay Later

Buy Now, Pay Later is a growing business encouraging the growth of consumer debt

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Market Report: New Highs S+P, Dow

Last week we wrote about a trend change, this week we saw a big rally. The S+P and Dow both printed new highs before some sellers came in.

Todd Horwitz Commentry

Market Report Bears taking control

Markets had a relatively flat week and an instant replay from last week. Monday markets got clobbered while they tried to rally the rest of the week....

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A Simple Guide to Building an Investing App

You may remember your father, or even your money-savvy grandmother, telling stories about how they would have to call or meet with a broker to invest...