Tradier Welcomes Translate Stocks As New Partner

Tradier is excited to partner with Translate Stocks, an all-in-one system combining the power of desktop solutions & the convenience of on-the-go access.

Charlotte, NC - Tradier is excited to announce a new partnership with Translate Stocks, a comprehensive all-in-one system that combines the power of desktop solutions using high-tech processors with the convenience of on-the-go cell phone access.

Founders Carlos Martins and Pedro Codo believe that not only automation will play a major role in revolutionizing the way people trade in the US markets but that the correct way to backtest your automation is extremely necessary. Carlos has developed a platform for well over 15 years that allows traders to create their own robots, own their strategies, sell them, and even better - backtest their algos on their own with the click of a button. 

The main goal of this revolutionizing platform is to actually give unlimited powers to traders, with no code needed, leveraging AI and decades of historical data; the trader now can perform better than ever before. 

Their platform gives traders the power to make their own decisions about whether to trade or not based on information backtested with a powerful backtesting engine in their desktop platform and also share their trading signals with other investors or use trading signals Backtested by other investors.

With Translate Stocks, traders can create their own strategies and make informed decisions and grow their businesses using a never-before-seen platform that puts all the features and functionalities in one place. Here are some of the many benefits of the platform:

• Daily analysis of more than 500 companies, trading signals, news updates, screeners, and company fundamentals.

• Generate financial reports from your browser, tablet, or phone.

• Key features in one place, including backtesting, bots, signals, charts, and an interpreter. 

• Allows traders to backtest and create robots or strategies whether they have programming experience or not. 

• Cloud-based solutions are always on through a designated cloud server.

• Offline software options allow traders to use their powerful local computers for backtesting market data. 

• Traders can own and manage their strategies and clients through a user-friendly dashboard. 

• Access all tools and resources in one place in order to make informed trading decisions.

• AI optimizes strategies and allows traders to create their own robots. 

• Share trading signals in real-time with other investors, allowing traders to build their own audience and business.

Translate Stocks developed a relationship with Tradier with Founder Carlos Martins became curious about a possible integration opportunity. Prices include a $290 monthly plan, with a 7-day free test and 20% discount for Tradier customers. 

You can learn more about Translate Stocks at

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