Tradier Announces Its Latest Partner: TradesViz

Tradier is excited to announce its partnership with TradesViz, an online journal that helps traders organize and visualize trading metrics.

Tradier is excited to announce its recent partnership with TradesViz, an online journal that helps traders from all experience levels organize and visualize their trading metrics with very intuitive and 100% customizable UI and dashboards.

Tradier and TradesViz integration serves two main purposes for users:

  1. Automatically sync their trades from Tradier to TradesViz using Tradier’s API
  2. Place and manage trades directly from TradesViz via Tradier’s API

TradesViz imports trades from more than 100 international brokers and automatically syncs trades from more than 30 platforms, giving traders a data-driven edge. TradesViz has also expanded its offerings to include an advanced options flow analysis and full-fledged stocks and futures simulator directly integrated with core journaling features. The partnership with Tradier Brokerage lets retail investors not only realize the edge in the market but also let them trade seamlessly from the Platform completely commission-free.

TradesViz was started because the market was sorely lacking and severely outdated. For that reason, PK (Founder) and his team were interested in disrupting the trades analysis and journaling subfields to create new frontiers in the trade journaling field. In fact, the team believes journaling and automated trades analysis for retail traders is one of the biggest untapped markets out there, so they want to help traders use their own trades as a gold mine of insights and data to improve probability of success in trading. 

Some of the best additions to TradesViz include:

These additions put everything a trader needs under one roof, saving hundreds on multiple subscriptions to different tools. 

TradesViz also works hard to provide excellent customer service to all its users, paid or free. You can find their testimonials posted directly to their landing page

A few words from PK about the partnership: 

"The Tradier team has been incredibly supportive in bringing Tradezviz to the market and showcasing the best tools available to retail traders. With this unique partnership, we hope to provide maximum value to retail traders — both in terms of trading and in analysis. We are very excited to see this ecosystem of platforms and tools grow to support more traders and help them succeed."

Welcome to the Tradier family TradesViz! 

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