Tradier Welcomes New Platform Provider: BrokerBotics

Tradier is pleased to add to its offering BrokerBotics, a sophisticated yet user-friendly tool to automate net-credit options strategies.

This integration is designed to democratize income-oriented trading strategies, making them accessible to traders at every level of expertise, and it reaffirms Tradier’s commitment to innovation and customer empowerment.

More About BrokerBotics

Virginia-based BrokerBotics features a user-friendly interface that seamlessly integrates with Tradier. Users simply create an account, select their stocks, and input their goals, then BrokerBotics takes care of the rest. They’ll even email if your position is at risk.

BrokerBotics users praise its ability to take the tedium out of weekly options selling strategies and its customizable risk parameters that align with their personal risk tolerance.

The company also has a remarkable origin story. Developed by Ahan Dalal, an entrepreneur and high school student, it was originally intended to automate his personal trading strategies that he didn’t have time to execute manually. Recognizing the broader application of his solution, Ahan, with the technical guidance of his father, Sidd Dalal, expanded the project into what is now BrokerBotics.

Underscoring Tradier’s Commitment to Innovation

Tradier has always been at the forefront of providing innovative trading solutions. With Tradier's powerful API and BrokerBotics' automation capabilities, traders can now take advantage of a comprehensive solution that meets their evolving needs. Further, this integration reflects Tradier's support for innovative platform providers and its dedication to fostering a diverse trading ecosystem.

Ready to simplify your trading experience? Visit Tradier and BrokerBotics to learn more and start automating your options trading today.


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