Tradier Welcomes Global Predictions to Exclusive Partner List

Tradier announces integration with Global Predictions PortfolioPilot, allowing users to connect brokerage accounts for real-time analytics & insights.

Robust, powerful integrations are a valuable part of Tradier’s user experience. We are thrilled to announce full integration with Global Predictions PortfolioPilot, allowing our users to connect their brokerage accounts and get real-time analytics, automated recommendations, and other insights about their entire portfolio.

PortfolioPilot is an individual, intelligent portfolio management platform that empowers self-directed investors to feel more confident in improving their risk-adjusted returns. Users can:

  • View all their assets in one place (401k, crypto, real estate, and investment accounts)
  • Find opportunities and minimize risks
  • Act on personalized recommendations based on their investment preferences

Global Predictions CEO Alexander Harmsen worked with the team of founders after seeing what was possible in institutional investing. They were frustrated with the lack of access for millions of people managing their own money who were left with inadequate tools and resources. The team wanted to bring the incredible insights, tools, and models available to top-tier hedge funds and banks to self-directed individuals in an easy-to-use, modern product. 

Self-directed investors want control over their investment decisions without being overwhelmed by all the data, news, and perspectives out there. PortfolioPilot accomplishes this with some of its exciting features, including: 

  • Portfolio Score, which is a quick way to understand how your portfolio is doing. This score combines your personal investment preferences, risk and returns, and macro exposure as a guide for portfolio improvement.
  • Recommendations are powered by our comprehensive Recommendation Engine that provides automated suggestions that are personalized to your investment preferences. They allow our users to improve their portfolios and allow them to iterate on their investment strategies.

  • Portfolio Optimizer re-weights the investments in a user’s portfolio to maximize their risk-adjusted return while matching their risk preference. Behind the scenes, a powerful "Efficient Frontier" optimization searches through millions of potential portfolio weight combinations to find the best configuration for you.

PortfolioPilot is free to individuals. Head to their website to sign-up and start utilizing PortolioPilot in your trade strategy! 

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