Todd Horwitz Commentry (20)

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Todd Horwitz Commentry

Market Report True or False Rally Over

Last week saw the markets look like they were going to breakdown ending the rally. However, on Thursday the CPI number was released...

Todd Horwitz Commentry

Market Report: Inflation is Transitory

Another week and more new highs. If you haven’t noticed that market recognizes no bad news as witnessed by Friday’s jobs number.

Todd Horwitz Commentry

Market Report: Bulls Rule, markets continue higher

Two things have been very consistent for the last few months, call buying is leading the way and equities continue to make new highs. Many have tried...

Tradier in the News

Where Have the Meme Traders Gone?

Retail Stock Traders slow down a bit while Options Traders Continue to Roar.

Todd Horwitz Commentry

Market Report: Will markets ever go down again?

For months we have been witnessing a market that knows no bad news. Look at last Thursday when President Biden ran out the possibility of a 43.4%...