Todd Horwitz Commentry (23)

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Todd Horwitz Commentry

Market Report Markets Battle Nasdaq Looks Weak

As we look at the action last week market trends looked like they were shifting. There seemed to be a real possibility that the bull market was over.

Todd Horwitz Commentry

Market Report Bulls Running Wild

More new highs for the equity markets, nothing matters. Bad economic news markets go higher, lousy jobs they go higher.

Tradier in the News

Tradier welcomes Tim and David

We are super excited to welcome Tim Macdonald and David Burch to the Tradier Family.

Todd Horwitz Commentry

Market Report: WallStreetBets Creates Havoc

Just when you thought the bubble was bursting, markets make new all-time highs. For those trying to time the market, once again they walk away with...