We welcome the 1000's of Active Mobile Traders!
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Medved Trader and Tradier
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Medved Trader is a full-featured trading platform designed with active traders in mind: Real-time charting with hundreds of indicators, alerts, portfolio and Level II monitoring, on-chart trading, and more. It is fully integrated with Tradier, utilizing Tradier-supplied data feeds and allowing users to trade through Tradier in the application. The convenient user interface brings all the tools that an active trader needs to your fingertips.
  • Full featured Trading Platform
  • Intuitive interface, designed by traders for traders
  • Powerful charting, with technical indicators and annotations
  • Sophisticated alert system, including trendline alerts
  • Chart Trading 


EXCLUSIVELY for Tradier clients: FREE with 8+ trades per month.


$14.99/month paid via Tradier account, 1st month FREE.


Tradier welcomes noted FinTech industry leader Stephen Ehrlich as its new CEO
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Tradier has some great news for all it customers, clients and partners. Founder Dan Raju announced that Stephen Ehrlich has been named as its next Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Ehrlich succeeds Founder Dan Raju who will assume the role of his passion as the Executive Chairman and Chief Information and Product Officer.

Mr. Ehrlich has had a distinguished 25 year career in the financial services industry serving global retail and institutional investors and traders. Previously, he was the CEO and Founder of Lightspeed Financial and under his leadership Lightspeed expanded to become the fourth largest volume based retail broker-dealer. Prior to Lightspeed, Mr. Ehrlich was the CEO of the E*TRADE Professional Trading Group. At E*TRADE he played a pivotal role in Brokerage Strategy, Product and Services.

“We believe that Steve, with his vision and deep operational experience, will enable the roadmap for the rapid acceleration and growth of Tradier,” said Dan Raju. “Steve is the right person to lead Tradier through its growth period as Tradier is rapidly on-boarding Platforms, RIA’s Brokers and Digital Advisors and expands its Brokerage and SaaS offering globally. Steve is a true believer in the role of technology-enabled disruption of financial services which was the core sentiment for the launch of Tradier in 2013."

“I’ve had the opportunity to spend the past few months actively engaging with the Tradier management team and employees, and I share the core vision of Tradier,” said Mr.Ehrlich. “Tradier with its cloud technology is perfectly positioned to be the primary destination for next generation trading and market offerings. Tradier dis-intermediates market complexity and legacy technology and provides a true gateway for our partners so that they can focus on their clients. I am honored to have the opportunity to work with such a passionate team as we are getting ready to expand our products globally.”

About Tradier, Inc.:
Tradier, Inc. (www.tradier.com) is a financial services cloud platform provider that offers a ground-breaking platform to serve Platform Providers and Developers, Digital Advisors, Registered Investment Advisors and registered Broker-Dealers. The Tradier offering features an innovative set of fully hosted API’s, modules and “out of the box” tools that allow our users to have trading access to the US markets on a real-time basis.

About Tradier Brokerage Inc.:
Tradier Brokerage, Inc., a member FINRA, SIPC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tradier Inc.

Tradier Media Contact:

InvestFly. Check them out
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Great product from InvestFly. Please check them out


Tradier Brokerage and Equities Lab Launch Education Initiative to Help Give Students a Head Start on Their Investing Future
By Tradier Inc. on Nov 3, 2015 at 10:17:20 AM

Leading universities across the US gain new real-world investment experiences with access to enhanced trading capabilities and resources


Charlotte, North Carolina – November 3, 2015 -– Tradier Brokerage, Inc., the cloud-based financial services brokerage firm, today announced a collaboration with trading analysis platform, Equities Lab, to provide university students with real-world trading experiences. Universities currently leveraging Equities Lab in the classroom will now have the added opportunity to have students experience live trading directly from the platform via Tradier Brokerage, with the added incentive of having their investments being matched dollar for dollar up to 400 dollars.


This education initiative comes on the heels of Equities Labs’ formerly announced integration with the Tradier API earlier this summer to empower investors to seamlessly execute trades and combine additional portfolio monitoring capabilities with strategic insight. Committed to empowering up-and-coming talent with the tools, insights and resources necessary to become experienced real-world traders, the Tradier-Equities Lab education initiative will allow students using Equities Lab in the classroom to benefit from Tradier Brokerage with:


  • Lower Barrier of Entry – If a student using Equities Lab opens a Tradier Brokerage account, they will benefit from a reduced minimum funding requirement down to $100 (from $1000).


  • Matched Dollar to Dollar Investment – Students who opt to open a live trading account will benefit from having Tradier Brokerage match every dollar for dollar deposited, up to $400. Details of the program can be found here.


  • Frictionless Trades – As part of Equities Labs’ integration with the Tradier Brokerage API, students learning with the Equities Lab platform in the classroom can seamlessly place a trade directly from the platform without having to switch screens and log-in to a new user interface.


“While we remain committed to serving as a proverbial launch pad for innovative fintech companies, we are equally committed to building and arming the pipeline of upcoming retail investors,” said Rio Slaven, Head of Marketing and Community at Tradier, Inc. “Our education initiative and extended collaboration with forward-thinking Equities Lab underscores our digital empowerment and innovation mission in financial services, and we look forward to seeing how today’s students become tomorrow’s capable and confident investors.”


“For cash-strapped students, 400 dollars will go a long way,” said Henry Crutcher, President of Equities Lab. “With our expanded collaboration with Tradier Brokerage, students will benefit from real-world trading resources and experience to become smarter, more experienced investors by graduation day. As fintech clubs are on the rise at many universities, we are excited to have this unique offering with Tradier to help give students using Equities Lab in the classroom an edge.” 


“Equities Lab is an easy-to-use platform that helps us to conduct research into companies and trading strategies. My students enjoy using it for investing homework and assignments. Some have even kept it on after the class ends to use it to help them in their investing decisions,” said Dr. Sugata Ray, Warrington College of Business, University of Florida. “With Tradier's match program, students can enjoy an immediate boost to their initial investment, while trying out their strategies with real money."


For more information about the program and participating universities see here

ChartIQ Launches Brokerage Offering on their Technician App with Tradier
By Tradier Inc. on Nov 2, 2015 at 10:22:00 AM

Through a partnership with Tradier, ChartIQ has launched brokerage services for US stocks and options on their Technician platform.


ChartIQ FinanceMagnates Image


In June, HTML5 charting provider for the financial industry, ChartIQ, renamed their consumer facing app, Technician, as well as offering the base product for free. The move was made as the firm’s main revenue producing growth is derived from their B2B business, licensing their technology to financial firms and content producers. As such, in order to reduce confusion of their offerings, the consumer charting product was split from ChartIQ’s core business.

Nonetheless, Technician remains an important part of ChartIQ’s overall strategy. The app provides a live showcase of the firm’s charting technology that can be experimented with by potential clients. In addition, the consumer app acts as a potential lead generator to institutional users that come across the product for their own charting needs.

Providing more functionality to Technician, as well as showcasing ChartIQ’s ability to provide trading features, ChartIQ has partnered with Tradier to integrate brokerage trading directly on the app. Like other Tradier partners, app users will be able to open a new Tradier account or connect their existing one, to trade directly from Technician.

For Tradier, the addition of Technician adds to the growing list of developers who have integrated with their brokerage API to enable trading on their platform. In Technician’s case, with available trading for US stocks and options, the product may also help ChartIQ showcase their webtrader solution for MetaTrader 4 brokers which they launched in January.

On the news, Dan Schleifer, CEO and co-founder of ChartIQ, commented: “Modern traders require a technical analysis and trading platform that is in-sync with the speed the market requires and provides access to resources efficiently, anytime, anywhere. The integration with Tradier Brokerage highlights our ongoing dedication to elevating trading experiences for all.”

For original article in Finance Magnates click here.

Screenulator integrates Tradier Inc.’s Brokerage API to Meet Investor Demand for Enhanced Mobile Trading Experiences
By Tradier Inc. on Aug 7, 2015 at 7:25:02 AM

Android App, Interactive Stock Charts, expand offering through collaboration with Tradier API to Make Trading Faster and More Convenient


Charlotte, North Carolina – August 6, 2015 — Tradier, Inc., the fastest-growing cloud-based Brokerage API firm, today announced that Screenulator, provider of the innovative stock analysis charting mobile app in Google Play, Interactive Stock Charts (ISC), has integrated with the Tradier API. The integration of Tradier's brokerage technology will allow ISC users to place real trades directly from the Android app without opening a separate brokerage app for faster more convenient trades – all with just the touch of a finger and a quick tap.

With its ability to provide daily screening for over 19,000 stocks on chart patterns, Screenulator provides an invaluable tool to help investors quickly filter through thousands of stocks daily to make smarter decisions without wasting time looking through hundreds of charts one by one. The integration with Tradier's brokerage API empowers Screenlator's users with the ability to act immediately on trades — opposed to going to a new site.

Empowering Investors On-the-Go, Screenulator Mobile Benefits Include:

  • Screening on 19,000+ U.S. and International Stocks — Chart patterns include trendline support, resistance, head and shoulder, double tops, channels, wedges (triangular consolidation), flat channel breakouts and rounding bottoms. Screenulator also supports various basic technical indicators such as RSI, MACD and stochastics, and volume analysis screening.
  • Personalization — Ability to customize screeners by combining chart pattern, TA indicators, and basic price statistics. 
  • Mobile App: Interactive Stock Charts (ISC) — ISC is the industry leading charting Android application (supporting desktop Java and Android platforms), and an intuitive and convenient way to manage portfolio, chart analysis and access Screenulator's powerful screeners. Users can easily pan, scroll, pinch, zoom and draw various overlays with the touch of a finger.
  • Convenient One-screen, One-Touch Trading — With a Tradier Brokerage account place live trades from within ISC app and charts without having to opening a separate broker app.

"Helping innovators like Screenulator, launch their investing solutions for today's mobile-driven investor, are the reason we started Tradier. We are proud to be working with Screenulator to help meet a growing demand among investors to have a powerful mobile solution to make trades," said Craig Russell, Chief Evangelist and SVP of Product of Tradier, Inc. "Our secure brokerage API makes it easy for companies like Screenulator to offer enhanced and expanded services and give investors using its popular Android App, Interactive Stock Charts, what they want – the ability to make decisions faster and from their phone."

"Technical analysis is an essential part of any effective trading strategy, and its use is becoming increasingly popular with retail investors. However, today's investors equally love speed and convenience," said Joe Qi, Founder and CEO of Screenulator. "The integration with Tradier's brokerage API, our users get the in-depth analytic information required to make smart trades with the ability to act on a trade in seconds from the same mobile application."

For information on Tradier Brokerage, Inc, visit brokerage.tradier.com, contact us at 980.272.3880 or engage with us on Twitter @tradier.

About Screenulator

Screenulator provides daily screening for over 19,000 stocks on Classical Chart Patterns, trendlines and technical indicators. Chart patterns include trendline support, resistance, head and shoulder, double tops, channels, wedges (triangular consolidation), flat channel breakouts and rounding bottoms. Screenulator is also the provider of a leading Google Play app, Interactive Stock Charts (ISC), an intuitive and advanced charting application – supporting desktop Java and Android platforms – and convenient way to manage a portfolio, run a chart analysis and access Screenulator screeners. For more information, visit www.screenulator.com.

Market Visual Integrates with Tradier Brokerage, Inc. to Enable Investors to Easily Manage Stock Portfolios and Trade all at One Platform
By Tradier Inc. on Aug 5, 2015 at 9:23:22 AM

Charlotte, North Carolina – August 5, 2015 — Tradier Brokerage, Inc., a leading cloud-based financial services brokerage firm, today announced that Market Visual has integrated with the Tradier API. The integration enables individual investors using the investing platform to manage stock portfolios and seamlessly make trades directly from Market Visual.

Individual investors can use the Market Visual platform to research stock fundamentals, gain more insights into their portfolio performance and share their portfolio with their friends in a private discussion group. The Tradier integration seamlessly adds brokerage services to Market Visual, enabling investors to trade without leaving the site.

"We are pleased to not only offer the convenience of managing stock performance with similar ease as Yahoo Finance, but to now enable investors to make affordable and easy trades with the Tradier integration," said Chen WanChun, CEO at Market Visual. "Tradier's API approach to brokerage services is in line with our dedication to allow investors to invest their own way. With Tradier Brokerage, we can continue empowering the investing community and enable them to have choice throughout their experience navigating the stock market."

"Market Visual's approach to portfolio management services is both convenient and collaborative for the new, digital investing community. The new digital behavior of both millennial investors and experienced investors have made it necessary for the unbundling of the brokerage industry, so there can be more options for the investing community," said Craig Russell, Chief Evangelist and SVP of Product at Tradier, Inc. "Tradier's integration with Market Visual enables both flexibility and choice for the modern investor navigating their own investing future. We are working with some of the most powerful innovators in financial services, and are excited to welcome Market Visual to our fast-growing network. We look forward to continuing to empower the community with our brokerage API."

To learn more about the Market Visual and the Tradier integration, visit this YouTube tutorial.

For information on Tradier Brokerage, Inc, visit brokerage.tradier.com, contact us at 980.272.3880 or engage with us on Twitter @tradier.


Tradier Announces 75+ Investor Platforms And Advisors Integrating With Its API
By Tradier Inc. on Jul 31, 2015 at 12:05:09 PM

To see original article by Kelly Mena on Payment Week click here

Tradier Inc., a cloud-based financial services provider and brokerage API company, announced  Tuesday that over 75 financial technology companies are currently utilizing the Tradier API to offer new solutions for active traders and investors.

” For the first time, whether you are a large firm, startup or an investment advisor, you can now easily offer an online investing product for your user,” remarked Dan Raju, CEO and co-founder of Tradier Inc.

The integrations include established retail offerings such as eSignal and Livevol, and new players like QuantConnect and Instavest. These retail offerings are utilizing the Tradier API to enhance their platforms with direct, frictionless access to brokerage technology.

Raju went on to add, “We expand the network available for the trader and investor, giving them more choice, value and efficiency and shortening the distance between idea generation and trade execution.”

The Tradier API enables these platforms to create a one-stop-shop of financial services with seamless access to low-cost, high-value brokerage services and market data.

“What we’re seeing is that Tradier is fast becoming the de facto destination for innovative new financial services companies looking to expand their offering and reach new markets.”

Tradier Brokerage has experiences a 1,000+ percent in trades year over year. Furthermore, it’s serving as a launch pad for other innovative fintech/finserv companies to exist and grow.

Tradier Is Growing Like Wildfire – Why the Trading Industry Should Care
By Tradier Inc. on Jul 30, 2015 at 9:17:45 AM

Original FinanceMagnates.com article can be found here

Tradier might be a stocks and options broker, but their growth story reveals an important trend for the overall trading industry.

Later today, Tradier will announce that they have reached a milestone of their 75th brokerage API customer and 1000% year-over-year growth of trading volumes. While an argument can be made that the volume data isn’t that impressive, given that the firm only came out of private beta in February 2014, with easy comps for its year-over-year growth, the real meat of their news is their client base.

Since ending 2014 with 20 clients, Tradier has been rapidly onboarding new clients during 2015 (although they are officially announcing reaching their 75th client milestone, the firm has actually added several more customers). Readers of the Finance Magnates Fintech section will recognize Tradier and their Brokerage API as the firm that has been covered several times before. For forex readers, Tradier may be lesser known as they currently only provide stock and options trading, but their story is important to cover as it relates to trends in the overall retail trading industry.

Broker Costs

At the heart of Tradier is their brokerage API product. Tradier itself is a broker dealer, but unlike other firms offers limited technology to their direct clients. Instead, Tradier has made its brokerage services open through an API that can be integrated by third parties. API clients include other broker-dealers or developers, who are able to focus on the technology or marketing aspects of their business, with account onboarding and customer execution handled by Tradier.

Explaining its creation to Finance Magnates, Dan Raju, CEO and Co-Founder of Tradier, stated, “The internet lacked a fabric to build and support investors.”  According to Raju, while different sectors of the internet were becoming open, with developers creating products that worked with each other, the financial industry has remained closed. As a result, major retail brokers in the US are all ‘full-stack’ firms, developing their own end-to-end technology to support clients, handling transactions with exchanges, and back office requirements.

The offshoot of this environment is two-fold; it’s expensive, and harder for 3rd party developers to integrate with. In relation to costs, brokers are also dealing with the commoditization of their services, limiting how much commission firms can charge for trading. This problem is also one that has been cited by InteractiveBrokers’ CEO Thomas Peterffy in recent analysts presentations, one he believes will cause brokers to evolve their operations. For Tradier, this trend has generated demand from broker-dealers, who are able to reduce operational expenses related to maintaining relationships with clearing firms and handling all aspects of compliance.

The Anti-Tradable

In regards to the second issue, difficulties for 3rd party developers to integrate with brokers, this is a problem that was also discovered by Tradable. For developers, while creating products that can connect to multiple brokers, the hardship occurs when offerings need to be customized per broker, limiting ‘one size fits all’ solutions.

Providing a solution, Tradable tackled the problem by creating an app-based cross-broker platform that was easy for developers to create products for. In Tradable’s model, they took it upon themselves to do the heavy lifting of maintaining the connection with multiple brokers, with developers only being required to create products that work on a single platform. The result is that Tradable has created a vibrant selection of apps that have been created for their platform. However, Tradable now has the mission of customizing the availability of apps and its trading platform to meet the requirements of its broker customers.

Taking an inverse approach, Tradier is enabling each third party to offer brokerage services themselves. As such, rather than technology providers being required to develop for Tradable or a broker’s trading platform, with Tradier, their product remains the same, but they integrate the brokerage API within their own offering.

The downside of this approach is that Tradier becomes the de-facto broker that technology providers customers can open accounts with. But, the growth of their customer base proves that this approach is working. Specifically, feedback from numerous developers to Finance Magnates has featured the simplicity of working with Tradier.

Finance Unbundled

In addition to citing simplicity as a top reason behind their growth, Tradier’s Dan Raju also mentioned the unbundling of financial products and increased demand of trading tools products from end-user retail clients. Raju explained that this trend is taking place as third party developers have been creating trading tools and making them directly accessible to the public. As a result, with retail traders being able to access specific trading tools and analysis products, this has put more pressure on brokers to update the features of their platforms. Within the Tradier eco-system, this financial unbundling benefits them as end-users can open one account and pick and choose which trading tools to use.

Open APIs

One criticism that has been expressed about Tradier is that their model isn’t so innovative, as plenty of other brokers provide open APIs for third party developers to build products for. While this is somewhat true, there are two main differentiators. Firstly, brokers rarely promote third party tools to their client base, which Tradier does. Secondly, as mentioned earlier, feedback from developers has been that Tradier is easier to work with as API integration is their core business. Examples from developers  have included both ongoing dedicated support, as well as the use of updated technology protocols.

However, experiences of Tradier’s clients also represent an opportunity for other brokers, especially those in the forex industry where Tradier isn’t present. Two specific areas of potential are better third party support and common incentives. In regards to the latter, third party apps are rarely well marketed by brokers. On the rare occasions, brokers have created marketplaces where third party apps are sold, with the broker taking a cut of any deal. However, public financial information has shown that actual sales are limited.

In contrast, developers will typically opt to become introducing brokers and receive compensation based on volumes traded using their apps. However, as this requires brokers to share revenues, developers are required to market their product themselves and act as a sales funnel for the broker.

In replace, a model could be created where brokers promote third party apps and offer volume-based incentives. In spite of splitting their revenues, brokers benefit by attracting a better selection of apps for their users which would be expected to increase customer long-term values and total volumes traded.


Returning to the overall effects of financial unbundling, when asked whether the market is to become oversaturated with niche trading products, Raju predicted that the end-user market will expand due to greater diversity of offerings. Overall, Raju stated that he believes that instead of seeing a small group of full-stack brokers, there will be many large players servicing end-user retail traders.

In regards to their own future, Raju stated that for the remainder of 2015, Tradier will be focusing on both their domestic US and international markets. Domestically, the firm wants to strengthen its position of being the “de-facto” broker for third parties to partner with. Internationally, Raju mentioned that the firm will soon announce foreign expansion into select markets. In addition, as reported in the past, Raju stated that Tradier has plans to enter the forex and/or futures markets in 2016.

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