Todd Horwitz Commentry (13)

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Todd Horwitz Commentry

Market Report Markets Battle Nasdaq Looks Weak

As we look at the action last week market trends looked like they were shifting. There seemed to be a real possibility that the bull market was...

Todd Horwitz Commentry

Market Report Indexes and Metals turn Ugly

It has been a long time since the major indexes have looked this bad. We have seen a trend reversal in all indexes except for the Dow futures. Bonds...

Todd Horwitz Commentry

Market Report Has the Bubble Begun to POP

For the first week in many markets were lower last under some heavy selling pressure. Warnings are starting come more frequently and markets look and...

Todd Horwitz Commentry

Tiblio connects with Tradier

Welcome Tiblio. We are super excited about Tiblio and its integration with the Tradier platform.

Todd Horwitz Commentry

Five Essential Habits Seasoned Traders Build

Many types of traders enter the stock market every day. Some are managing funds for someone else, some are risk-takers, some are long-term savers,...