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The Choice for Today's Options Investor: TradeHawk Or Thinkorswim?- By Kevin "Lex" Luthringshausen, Founder, Tradehawk

Tradehawk vs ThinkorSwim

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As a modern investor, you want the most return you can get out of your money. Why wouldn't you? The cost of making investments takes away from your market earnings. Why would you pay more for a service that collects fees per contract rather than one that offers a single, monthly fee that adds up to a lot less? That's one of the significant differences between using the longstanding Thinkorswim retail investor platform vs. the newer, better, and genuinely commission-free TradeHawk platform by Trad

TradeHawk in partnership with Tradier, provides an improved customer experience, a better trading platform, better educational research, analysis and, actual commission-free options trading. Thinkorswim made a splash in the late '90s. It had its heyday, offering one of the best trading platforms available to active options traders. Times have changed, and investor needs have changed, yet Thinkorswim has not changed with them. It's time to take a serious look at the new leader in options trading, TradeHawk.

Is Commission-free Trading truly Free?

Commission-free trading means that when you trade, you don't pay a commission—the big boys in the trading and investing marketplace who use Thinkorswim are still charged $.65 per contract, for example. Active traders make many trades each month, paying $.65 per contract. How does this add up to no commission? It doesn't. With TradeHawk, commission-free is commission-free.* You do not pay a per contract commission on your trades, just a monthly subscription fee to use the service. As a result, this "Netflix-style" subscription model for active traders results in a tremendous monthly saving over the other guys' per contract fees.

Which Platform is Easier to Use?

Wading through Thinkorswim is like walking through every shelf in a library searching for a book by its title. It's not user-friendly, providing the information you want if you can only figure out how to find it. When you're trying to place trades, you want an intuitive, insightful, and logical system. TradeHawk takes a different approach than Thinkorswim by using a central command center that's easy to navigate, placing the right information at your fingertips. TradeHawk's interface offers multiple order types for options trading, valuable live investment data, and watch lists to guide your future investing decisions.

Why is Platform Customization Helpful?

Not all traders' brains respond to the organization of data in the same way. TradeHawk's platform has customizable layouts and panels that make trading a breeze. Thinkorswim can be overwhelming and dated, which can hold you back from your trading goals. TradeHawk's dashboard has the fundamental tools, trade screens, and trade tabs set up based on your requirements. With TradeHawk, you can make better decisions, make trades more efficiently, and create an overall active options trading experience.

Are You Ready to Switch to TradeHawk?

Large investment firms like TD Ameritrade and Schwab have big names and big reputations. Thinkorswim has ridden the wave of its growth. That doesn't mean they do a better job. Why not make an investment that will indeed pay off?  It's time for a new choice, one that puts commission-free options trading, a better user experience, and customization in your hands: TradeHawk.



*Single Listed Index Options are subject to a $0.35/contract fee in addition to any other charges for exchange, OCC, and regulatory fees. See the Fee Schedule for more details.

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