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TRADEHAWK: Built by Traders for Traders

Dear Traders, As you know, "When you find a true purpose, you give your whole heart and soul to it”.


Dear Traders,

As you know, "When you find a true purpose, you give your whole heart and soul to it”. For my co-founder and me, the purpose was to solve an important friction we faced as traders everyday. All traders want a great TRADING EXPERIENCES without the constant pain of trading commission surprises. We even left well paying jobs at a large wallstreet firm to pursue this.  We wanted to deliver a product that provides a comprehensive set of trading features, risk management  and a fully integrated brokerage connectivity that  completely removes all frictions and pains of high brokerage commissions. The last thing we as traders want to worry about is  trading commissions. We felt like traders should pay a low fixed fee and get "all you can eat trading" (aka the "Netflix" model). We solved this problem when we first met up with team from Tradier in early 2017. Thanks to Dan, Peter, Chris and Paul for all their help

Thus TradeHawk was born!. The following are some of our key features
  • Hawk Command Center: Trading template for execution, order management, and risk analysis
  • Easy stock and option order entry with one-click functionality
  • Spread building features:  create, preview, save, and send
  • Great simulation of options, spreads, and entire positions
  • Real-time Market data
  • Real-time risk (including all Greeks)
  • PAY NO COMMISSIONS with our partner Tradier Brokerage when you subscribe to TradeHawk.

Exchange, OCC and regulatory fees will be passed on.


We are humbled with the response since we launched. I hope you will give it a try.
-  Kevin "Lex" 
Co-Founder of OptionEyes




Tradier Brokerage Inc.  Member  FINRA/ SIPC 
PO Box 49056
Charlotte, NC, 28277

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