Why Tradier powered Tradehawk has grown to stand apart from other legacy options trading platforms

Why Tradier powered Tradehawk has grown to stand apart from other legacy options trading platforms


TradeHawk is one of the more widely used options trading platforms today and used by some of the most active options traders.  Built on innovative cloud-based technology, Tradehawk offers an intuitive stock and options trading experience that was designed by professional traders. TradeHawk stands as a robust alternative to TD Ameritrade’s Thinkorswim, Interactive Brokers, Tastyworks, and Fidelity. Its efficient, user-friendly front-end provides retail options traders with an edge, allowing them to stay on top of current market trends and investing opportunities.

TradeHawk is a dynamic, customizable platform with an engaging educational interface for options traders. Through Tradier Brokerage TradeHawk users get unlimited, commission-free equity and options trading. *

This powerful combination of comprehensive trading services combined with unlimited, commission-free trading* has accelerated the growth and adoption of the platform. TradeHawk subscribers have saved thousands of dollars in monthly commissions while enjoying a holistic trading experience. TradeHawk offers order entry, order management, risk analysis, simulation, alerts, advanced and conditional orders, charting, portfolio management, spread logs, and many other robust features.

The inspiration behind the platform, Kevin "Lex" Luthringshausen says, “We at TradeHawk have a simple mission to provide the best technology, trading experience and value for our traders. We have a very compelling product in the market and our growth proves that.” 

Here are some of the reasons why traders are leaving other platforms and moving to Tradehawk

  • Unlimited commission-free stock and options trading*. No more per contract fees, minimums, or ticket charges.
  • Paper Trading to learn and explore the functionality of the system.
  • Room Chat to follow your favorite Educator.
  • Easy one-click trading from multiple templates including signals posted in Room Chat.
  • Create simple and complex exit strategies with conditional triggers.
  • Track your strategies effectively. Our Strategy Tracker separates your spreads into custom, user-defined “buckets” for analysis.
  • Implied and Historical Volatility studies.
  • Large ecosystem of Traders, Educators and Mentors.
  • Intuitive implementation of advanced and conditional orders.
  • Perform real-time risk analysis on options, spreads, strategies, and entire positions.

*Single Listed Index Options are subject to a $0.35/contract fee in addition to any other charges for exchange, OCC, and regulatory fees. See Fee Schedule for more details.

Brokerage services provided by Tradier Brokerage Member FINRA/SIPC

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