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Tradier Hosts Options Trading Summit With Cboe

Did you miss the half-day virtual Tradier Options Summit on June 22? Here’s a recap of what you missed and information so you won’t miss the next one.

Did you miss the half-day virtual Tradier Options Summit on June 22? Here’s a recap of what you missed and information so you won’t miss the next one.

Tradier, a leading online options trading platform, hosts the Tradier Options Summit in close partnership with Cboe, a global trading innovator. The Summit helps active traders–both beginner and advanced–learn about trading trends and update their trading strategies. The Summit also offers an incredible opportunity to connect with other like-minded traders. 

Attendees heard from more than 15 speakers and panelists with differing trading backgrounds and financial strengths, including:

  • Kevin “Lex” Luthringshausen, Senior VP Business Development at Tradier, Inc. 
  • Dan Raju, Co-Founder, Chairman of the Board, CEO at Tradier
  • Todd Horwitz, Tradier Contributor and Chief Strategist for Bubba Trading 
  • Rance Masheck, President and Founder of iVest+
  • Markus Heitkoetter, Owner and Founder of Rockwell Trading 
  • Henry Schwartz, Senior Director and Head of Product Intelligence for Cboe 
  • Michael Khouw, CNBC Contributor and Co-Founder of Optimize Advisors
  • Kirk Du Plessis, Founder and CEO of OptionAlpha
  • Blake Young, Instructor Futures and Technical-Fundamental Analysis at TheoTrade 
  • Stefan McVeigh, Vice President of Product at Tradier
  • Ryan Jones, Head of Investor Relations at Westwin Elements 
  • Franklin Gold, Co-CEO and Chief Strategy Officer at Orion Trading 
  • Stephen Burnich, Co-Founder and Head Instructor at Navigation Trading 
  • Pete Stolcers, Founder and Options Trader at OneOption
  • Ashok Yarlagadda, Founder at Delphian Trading
  • Eric Hale, Founder and CEO of Trader Oasis


So, What Did You Miss?

Guests heard from top leaders in the industry on everything from innovations in options trading to training education and Tradier Crypto. The Summit welcomed back many returning attendees as well as a lot of new faces, all of whom had the opportunity to network and connect no matter what timezone they were in.

Guests heard about current trends in day trading from the industry experts. They also learned about resources such as options trading platforms and apps that are key to successful trading strategies. They then learned to implement new tips and suggestions for future stock options trading. Newer traders learned how to get started with options trading, while more seasoned traders learned advanced strategies.


We Recorded the Summit Sessions!

If you missed this great line up, don’t despair. Or if you were there and want to rewatch some of the great moments, check out Tradier’s YouTube Channel to watch a recording of each summit session. 

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