Tradier Hosts Options Trading Summit With Cboe

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Tradier, a leading online options trading platform, recently hosted the Tradier Options Summit, a half-day virtual event on March 9, 2022. 

Run in close partnership with Cboe, a global trading innovator, Tradier Options Summit was explicitly designed to help active traders take a deeper dive into current options trading trends and strategies — all while connecting with and learning from each other virtually. 

Host and Tradier Senior VP of Business Development Lex Luthringshausen led attendees through several online sessions presented by an industry-leading authority throughout the event. The day’s presentations for options traders included: 

  • Welcome Address: Dan Raju, Tradier CEO and Michael Khouw, CNBC contributor/President of Optimize Advisors 
  • Getting Started with Options: Markus Heitkoetter, Rockwell Trading CEO
  • Advanced Options Trading: Todd "Bubba" Horwitz, Trading Option Educator, Writer, Media Star 
  • Understanding Option Order Flow to Make Trading Decisions: Henry Schwartz, Cboe Global Markets Executive / Founder of Trade-Alert

The Tradier Options Summit also included a Trader’s Roundtable, led by event host Lex Luthringshausen and guests Matt Amberson (Orats.com Founder / CEO), Kirk Du Plessis, (OptionAlpha Founder), and Andrew Giovinazzi, (OptionPit Trader and Education Specialist). The Roundtable discussed current options trading trends, resources, and strategies throughout the almost hour-long session. 

The event concluded with closing remarks from Tradier Co-Founder, Chairman, & CEO Dan Raju, where he gave final thoughts and discussed important industry components, such as:

  • Crypto
  • Internalization of Retail
  • How and Where You Trade From
  • Retail and Options Adoption

Tradier’s Online Options Trading Event Offered Active Traders The Chance to Learn and Connect Virtually 

In addition to giving attendees access to guest presentations, the Tradier Options Summit also offered participants the opportunity to connect, learn, and network digitally. Tradier CEO Dan Raju, who kicked off the digital event, talked about the event’s success. 

“The Tradier team was thrilled to partner Cboe to run our first joint event. We had an amazing turnout of attendees and an agenda jam-packed with industry innovators, leaders, CEOs, educators, trainors, and television contributors collaborating on a centralized digital platform. It was an outstanding opportunity for us to answer questions, discuss trends and strategies, and share insight with our active trader participants.” 

Check Out Recorded Sessions From The Tradier Option Summit

Did you miss out on watching the Tradier Options Summit? Or maybe you were there but wanted to take another look at the information offered throughout the event. Check out Tradier’s YouTube Channel to watch a recording of each of our five summit sessions. 

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