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How Tradier Tapped Developers to serve Active Traders

How Tradier Tapped Developers to serve Active Traders’ Needs.


The plight of active traders today:

    The saying “one size fits all, really does not fit at all” can be best applied to the online stock trader market.  More than 90% of the total retail trading volume in the US stock market comes from active traders’ investors - individuals who trade more than 3 times a month. Most Active Traders are in a relentless pursuit to gain an edge in the market. What makes a trader better is a better set of trading tools, a better community, and better content.

    Every trader is different. Every trader thinks and comprehends the market differently. Every trader consumes trading insights differently and ultimately buys and sells differently. The sheer diversity of trader needs poses a massive challenge for existing broker apps that are unable to deliver choice that the active trader needs. Traders have traditionally looked at online brokers to offer them a fitting trading platform but with no answer. Despite Active Traders, being the primary source of revenue for brokers, they have been mostly under served. 

 Today’s brokers have no answer

    The legacy boxed brokers like Interactive Brokers, E*Trade, Charles Schwab and Fidelity generally service a broader population, with a single one-size and price fits all offering. Providing the same experience for an occasional trader and someone who trades 30 times a month trader is impossible. Despite massive technological advancement, brokers have failed to deliver on the customization and value that traders need. particularly those that invest frequently. Traditional brokers continue to think, operate and offer vertical myopic products. Brokers continue to flood the market with confusing price discounts when the most active segment are demanding quality and edge, and just not price.

Developers have the answer


    Tradier was built with primary mission of reclaiming trading from the legacy brokers and opening it up to developers and thousands of other products that need access to capital markets. Tradier built its own proprietary, multi-tenant trading technology that opens the brokerage capabilities that were locked inside brokerage firms and translates them into simple APIs that any developer can adopt.

    Due to the pressing and growing demand from active traders for differentiating products, innovators and developers have used to Tradier API to build and offer an extensive list of applications. Using the API’s, Trading, that was locked within the four walls of the legacy brokers became accessible for everyone to innovate. Any developer or firm can now offer to enable trading through Tradier rapidly. You can now build an Active Trading platform or a Digital Advisor (Robo) instantly without having to worry about massive operations, infrastructure, and huge capital. What used to take 2 years can now be done in weeks or months.

    Today, Tradier has over 200 plus connected platforms that are providing services to active traders and investors globally. Tradier connects platforms that offer a superior active trading experience at a pace of innovation that is unmatched by the incumbent brokers. Tradier is today one of the largest derivative broker in the US. Tradier fields tens of Millions of API calls, processing millions of shares and options contracts from partners and developers, and has become the default way to launch Trading products in the market.

 Tradier is a pioneered large ecosystem of platforms that empower active traders with dynamic choice, personalized trading interfaces, and speed that investors deserve. The financial markets are fast becoming an open, vibrant, and diverse ecosystem and Tradier has been crucial in leading the charge to unbundle them.

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