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How to Build a Trading Platform on Tradier

If you have decided to create your trading platform and made the choice to allow Tradier to assist...Congratulations!



If you have decided to create your trading platform and made the choice to allow Tradier to assist...Congratulations! You are one step closer to your ambition being realized! Now it’s time to get started! 

Before You Get Started

There are a few considerations that must be made before you begin. After the process has already started, it isn't easy to integrate some of these into the flow. Make sure you have plans in place in the appropriate order to maximize build efficiency. 

Picking which type of trading platform is vital before you begin. Another thing to think about is if you have a mobile app, what hot buttons will you feature? The key features will draw your users. More features that are easy to use make the customer feel safe and smart. Pick your additions so the developers can code them in while in the early stages.

Where to Begin

These five steps will get you on your way, and Tradier is ready to help:

Mobile site vs. mobile app

Do you intend to have this as an app store item or just a mobile accessible site? The best choice is both. Having a platform with universal connectivity across all operating systems is the best way to blanket the user base in options.


What operating system will your platform thrive on best? If you like Linex and want your platform programmed with Python, go for it. If you are an Apple user and prefer the smooth simplicity of their programming language, then that is fine, too. Pick the language that will easily interface with most systems without excessive plugins.


Will you concentrate your efforts just on the development for mobile use, or will you spread your focus to backend and frontend development as well? The best course is to cover all the bases. Make sure your developers do it all and leave nothing to chance.


What trading system design will you use that is easy to operate and understand? Look at some of the trading platforms supported and partnered with Tradier. What do they have in common? What makes them unique, popular, or worth their client’s time? Now take that and improve on it. If it is complicated, simplify it. If it is bland, make it pop. There is always some way to draw attention in a positive way.


Money attracts antagonists. What kind of safety protocols do you have in place for your clients or customers to ensure their investments will be secure? Your developer should program every firewall and anti-intrusion program Tradier recommends, and as a partner, they will have your back with their own security measures.

Anything Else We Should Know?

Don’t forget to add in the perks, such as streaming market data, utilizing the watch list, and complex option trades. For the trader who isn’t interested in penny stocks and tinkering with the day-trade concept but wants to invest some significant capital and sink their teeth into a prime cut of a top stock, the additional options will be very attractive.

Building Your Trading Platform

Know what you want to do, make it easy, make it unique, and make it better than the other guys. Tradier has all the tools you need to flesh out an impressive investing platform for large and small investors, and they are ready to help you through every step of the process. Make a new friend and manifest your investment platform destiny.

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