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The “Total” Approach

Over the last few years companies like have been focused on truly simplifying and digitizing financial content for investors and firms alike.

by Dan Raju. Co-Founder and Chairman, Tradier

Over the last few years companies like® have been focused on truly simplifying and digitizing financial content for investors and firms alike. What consumes them every morning is their desire to provide compelling independent news, content and data for investors and more importantly creating value. I call this the pursuit to create a “Total” investor experience. The investor should not only be able to derive great insights about the financial markets but also be able to act on the insights seamlessly without any price frictions.

About 6 months ago the team, led by CEO, Enzo Villani, approached Tradier with a very compelling question that has since become the foundation of the Equities Tradier Relationship. Enzo’s question was “how can we power Equities users to not only engage with our great content, but also be able to act on the insights without any friction?”  The team also felt that being able to trade was not enough and we had to remove all the frictions around per-trade commissions. In typical Enzo style he said “We need to remove all frictions points and provide total and pure value”. What was great about the request was that it was pure and also passionate.


In order to meet the genuine demand of the team, Tradier Brokerage was able design a partnership with Equities that we believe combines great content with great value. The net result was an innovative pricing model with For a fixed $29.99 a month traders who subscribe to can now do unlimited trades with NO per trade commissions. The core Equities Tech team lead by their CTO, Mike MacDonald built a seamless experience on where users can trade with just a few clicks. They have done an amazing job at creating a simple experience. Please see the details of this offering on and check it out (

I am happy to see companies like be dedicated to offering total value to investors and we at Tradier are happy to be a part of their journey


Note:  Tradier Brokerage Inc. passes along all exchange and regulatory fees.


About® is a fintech company connecting emerging growth companies, global investors, executives, fund managers, financial experts, and industry professionals on one platform.® provides trading services, breaking editorial news coverage, and financial information on public and private companies. As an emerging growth and investor community with over 4.2 million visitors per year, encourages investors to trade and consume independent news, content and data on fast growing companies while highlighting emerging market trends.® helps public and private companies gain visibility in front of millions of potential investors, influencers, and decision-makers.


About Tradier Brokerage Inc.

Tradier Brokerage, Inc. — a member FINRA and SIPC is an independent subsidiary of Tradier, Inc. The Brokerage API enables entrepreneurs, businesses, developers and active traders to solve their trading and brokerage challenges using independent content and tool providers of their choice — at simple and competitive prices.

About Tradier, Inc. Tradier, Inc. is a cloud-based financial services provider and brokerage API Company that offers a groundbreaking platform to serve Platform Providers, Advisors, Developers and Individual Investors. Tradier delivers an innovative set of fully hosted API's, modules and "out of the box" tools that are leveraged by a growing list of providers seeking to create innovative trading and investing experiences.


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