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Get MotiveWave for Free

The More You Trade, the More You Save.

With our commitment to provide choice and low price executions in mind, Tradier Brokerage account holders have the opportunity to connect to MotiveWave for free. MotiveWave provides the advanced trading and analysis capabilities you demand, paired with fully integrated trade and order management functionality connected to your Tradier Brokerage account.
MotiveWave offers specialized, advanced analysis tools and features including Elliott Wave, Fibonacci, Gartley, Gann, ratio analysis, strategy trading, custom strategies, backtesting, optimization, replay mode, walk-forward testing and more.

Additional features include:
  • All Asset Classes Including Option Chains
  • Ability to organize Tradier Brokerage accounts into Workspaces
  • Sophisticated Scanning Abilities
  • Ability to customize chart look via Themes
When you open a Tradier Brokerage account and begin trading, it can cover up to 100% of your monthly MotiveWave subscription price, depending on trade volume.
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