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StockCharts’ new Advanced Charting Platform can change the way online investors trade

With Tradier's recent partnership with StockCharts, two of the online trading industry's foremost service providers are coming together to offer a trading experience likely to change the way you research your strategies and place your trades.

SC screen shot

Recently Tradier announced a new partnership with, one of the most widely respected financial communities online today. We are excited about this integration.  We hope this will give traders an edge while letting you research your strategies and place your trades in a seamless manner. 

Introducing StockChartsACP, the Advanced Charting Platform

StockChartsACP is the natural next step for the team as they work to accomplish their mission of helping investors around the world make smarter decisions and find financial freedom. CEO Chip Anderson told us that the team ultimately decided to build on Tradier's APIs because it offered them the most flexibility to create the trading experience they want to deliver to their subscribers at a cost that makes sense. StockCharts subscribers who hold a Tradier Brokerage account can unlock access to unlimited, commission-free equities trading for one flat monthly fee.

Successful traders rigorously use charting to uncover hidden value, keep their fingers on the pulse of the market, and plan out the timing of their trading strategies with laser-precision. The StockCharts team knows that the time between insight and execution could be the difference that makes or breaks a trade. StockCharts subscribers already have access to some of the highest quality information on the internet, and now with Tradier powering StockChartsACP, traders can fire off trades quickly and directly within the application.

SC tradier example

Example screen from StockChartsACP integrated with a Tradier Brokerage account.

StockChartsACP is built to redefine how subscribers who have or open a Tradier Brokerage account analyze and interact with financial markets. ACP is highly interactive, giving traders the ability to engage with the markets in their portfolios with a comprehensive suite of new tools and features.

StockCharts has been around long enough to know investors have unique needs, and they designed ACP to be ultra-flexible so that anyone can create a custom experience. 

StockChartsACP comes with a wide array of technical indicators and overlays, customizable multi-chart layouts, and additional data views, to name a few features. The platform combines one of the most advanced charting tools, plus all of the other features that make StockCharts so popular, with the reliability and performance of Tradier’s Brokerage API to create a powerhouse of an investment and portfolio management toolkit. 

If you are ready to close the gap between analysis and action and want to start trading instantly on your insights, visit the Platform Page to learn more about using StockChartsACP with Tradier Brokerage.

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