eSignal is connected to Tradier Brokerage
By Craig Russell on May 30, 2014 at 10:13:32 AM ∙ Comments

Here at Tradier, we are very happy to announce the fact that eSignal is now a connected trading platform with Tradier Brokerage! This is a terrific match for our clients who demand the best trading, data, and software.

Customers can take advantage of the many advanced order features inside eSignal from the automated Money Management Planner, Basket Trading and Trading from the Charts to name a few. This allows Tradier Brokerage customers the ability to go from analysis to execution with the single click of a mouse or push of a hot key. Additionally the advanced portfolio and position management capabilities in eSignal make it easy to monitor multiple positions.

The Advanced Charts in eSignal have long been recognized as industry leading and now with your Tradier Brokerage account you can trade right from the charts. The complete world of Technical Analysis is at the fingertips of Tradier Brokerage customers from Candlestick, Point and Figure, to Volume Delta with every conceivable indicator and the ability to create custom indicators.
We are very pleased to have eSignal on board.

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