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Tradier Options Summit in Partnership with Cboe: Get to Know Your Trading Experts

Get to know your trading experts, the speakers at Tradier's Options Summit - In Partnership with Cboe.

The Tradier Options Summit in Partnership with Cboe is fast approaching. This virtual, half-day event will bring together some of the top market leaders, traders, educators, and platform experts for an educational options trading summit. 

Join us Mar 9, 2022 to cover topics such as current trends in day-trading, the latest resources and apps, and new and improved trading strategies. 

Part of the appeal of this first-ever event is its expert panel of speakers. In addition to a keynote address from CNBC’s Michael Khouw, you’ll get insight from BubbaTrading.com Chief Strategist Todd “Bubba” Horwitz, Rockwell Trading Owner and Founder Markus Heitkoetter, and Cboe Senior Director and Head of Product Intelligence Henry Schwartz. 

Let’s take a closer look at these expert traders: 

Todd Horwitz is best known as “Bubba” both personally and professionally. We know and love him for his role as an active Tradier contributor. Bubba has been in the industry for more than 36 years, beginning his professional finance career in 1980 as one of the original market makers in the SPX Trading Pit at the Chicago Board of Options Exchange (CBOT). He has extensive experience from trading at all of the major exchanges in Chicago and is currently a member of the CBOT. 

In addition to his financial career, Bubba spent the last eight years working as a mentor and educator to traders of all skill levels. He developed a program for high school students that allows them to learn about the market early in their education. As the founder and Chief Strategist of Bubbatrading.com, Bubba manages the development and distribution of market content, product development and trade concepts. 

We’re excited to hear Bubba present on Advanced Options Trading, which will take a deeper dive into more option strategies including complex orders, how to manage option positions, and how traditional stock trading techniques can apply to options trading. 

Markus Heitkoetter became a full-time trader in 2002 after relocating from Germany to Austin, Texas. He founded Rockwell Trading in 2005, a company focused on simplifying the trading process and helping traders reach their financial goals. Around this time, Markus started a blog about trading after receiving numerous requests from friends and family for advice. Today, Markus’ blog reaches more than 300,000 traders across the globe. 

Markus is the author of “The Simple Strategy,” a book that helps traders improve their skills with a simple, easy-to-use method. Markus hopes to help everyone find financial freedom through trading and will speak at the Summit on “Getting Started with Options,” teaching the basics of options trading with an introduction to more advanced strategies. 

Henry Schwartz is the founder of Trade Alert and is Cboe Global Market’s Senior Director and Head of Product Intelligence. His career has come full circle following his introduction to the options industry on Cboe’s trading floor as a runner in the OEX pit. “It was absolute chaos, but I liked it. I liked the technology and the mental challenges–I was hooked,” he said. Henry was in trading for about five years before going to work at a bank on the institutional flow side, where he found a need for better market insight.

Henry then teamed up with Bill Sterling, now Director of Software Engineering at Cboe, to develop Trade Alert, an options alert system that added transparency to options trading through technology. Trade Alert uses flow alerts and analysis to help make sense of market activity in real-time and has developed since then to include improved analytics. That enhanced offering is more important now than ever: with most people still working from home, not having face-to-face interactions amplifies the need for instant alerts that help investors stay updated. 

We’re thrilled to have Henry speaking on “Understanding Option Order Flow to Make Trading Decisions,” which will take us on a tour of unusual options activity and how to interpret it. 

We’re so excited to hear from all three of these amazing speakers and dive deeper into options trading than ever before. 

Register for the event here or visit our website for more information. We’ll see youMar 9, 2022.

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