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Seasoned Fintech Executive and Retail Product Advocate Stefan McVeigh Joins Tradier Management Team

Leading Online brokerage and Global API platform provider for trading platforms, advisors, developers, and individual investors, today announced...


Leading brokerage and embedded investing platform Tradier, appoints Stefan McVeigh as its VP of Product to further accelerate its product roadmap and anchor its Crypto, Futures and Marketplace initiatives .

Charlotte, North Carolina – October 21, 2021, Leading Online brokerage and Global API platform provider for trading platforms, advisors, developers, and individual investors, today announced the appointment of Stefan McVeigh as its VP of Product. In his new role, Stefan will be responsible for leading the product roadmap for key initiatives but also being the voice and bridge between the growing needs of 290 plus firms that leverage the Tradier API and the current product stack. Stefan will play as the anchor for the upcoming launch of Crypto, Futures and the Marketplace products at Tradier.

Stefan brings to Tradier a deep sense of entrepreneurial leadership, hustle and a passion to serve active retail investors globally. Stefan has spent a better part of his career in the retail online investing sector and had in the past been responsible for the launch and success of some of the widely used retail self-directed and advisory products in the market. Stefan’s career includes critical leadership roles at Ally Invest and Horizon Investments.

“To fill this critical leadership role, Tradier sought a product leader that not only had a passion for what retail active investors look for but also had the depth and experience in capital markets" said Peter Laptewicz, President of Tradier Brokerage. "At a time where Tradier is experiencing record growth and has become a critical part of the retail infrastructure in the market, Stefan will play a critical role in serving our consumer base" said Peter.

"I have followed Tradier over the years and connect deeply with their mission and vision. I’m extremely excited for the opportunity to join the Tradier management team and be a part of a group that is changing the way retail brokerage services are delivered," Stefan said. “The Tradier team has always put technology at the heart of their products. I look forward to working with the team to bring new asset classes to our customers and filling the market gap with unique products for the active retail investor.”

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Tradier's Brokerage platform and API's enable entrepreneurs, businesses, developers to rapidly create and offer embeddable investing to investor platforms, digital advisors and global firms who want to get access to the US Markets. Created by longtime tech developers, Tradier's APIs power third-party firms and developers to offer trading in all US listed securities and build research, analysis, web, social and mobile experiences as self-directed or digital advice (robo) platforms. 

About Tradier Brokerage Inc.

Tradier Brokerage, Inc. — a member FINRA and SIPC is an independent subsidiary of Tradier, Inc. Tradier Brokerage with its web, mobile, desktop and API platforms enables online investing and advanced trading for active traders, advisors and platform partners globally at simple and competitive prices. 

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