The Socially Responsible Investing Platform Will Enable Users to Invest in Israel on Tradier Charlotte, NC, September 23, 2020

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The Socially Responsible Investing Platform Will Enable Users to Invest in Israel on Tradier


Charlotte, NC, September 23, 2020:  Tradier, a leading online broker and provider of the widely used brokerage API company for advisors, developers, and individual investors, today announced a partnership with The Jerusalem Portfolio, an RVW wealth company, to launch their innovative self-service digital advise platform. The platform will enable retail investors to invest in and support the growth and prosperity of Israel.

Through the platform, retail investors can own or gift an Israel-focused investment portfolio containing fractional ownership interests in over 100 Israeli publicly traded companies through a professionally managed portfolio of ETFs. The Jerusalem Portfolio strives to become the leading innovative way for everyone to invest in and support the vibrant and dynamic economy of Israel. Investors can invest for themselves or give a gift for a special occasion such as a birth, bar or bat mitzvah, graduation, wedding, or any other Simcha or celebration.

"The Team at The Jerusalem Portfolio strives to not only generate value for the investors but also cater to the underlying demand globally to invest in Israel. We are excited that our partnership with Tradier who offers brokerage API’s combined with white-label based partnerships” said Jonathan Gerber, CEO and Founder of The Jerusalem Portfolio

The Jerusalem portfolio platform leads the way as the retail market for socially responsible investing continues to grow.  Investors recognize the value of creating a positive social impact and couple that with positive outcomes. This platform brings technology innovation and transparency while letting retail investors be an integral part of the vibrant economy of Israel.

"We are excited to partner with Jonathan Gerber and the innovative team at RVW who are enabling the market with a different set of choices and a great seamless investing platform," said Dan Raju, co-founder, and CEO of Tradier. "We are proud that companies like The Jerusalem Portfolio choose Tradier as a destination to transform our industry and offer innovative products that enable online investors”.

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About RVW Wealth

The Jerusalem Portfolio (TJP) is operated by RVW Wealth, LLC, a registered investment advisor, which researches and monitors available investment vehicles for equities of public companies located in and/or actively involved in Israel. Registration as an investment advisor does not imply any level of skill or training. Past performance is not indicative of likely future returns

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