How being API-first helped us build one of the most widely used investing APIs

Tradier has always been API first. Because our focus is on our software, platforms know that our tools are easy to use, robust, and reliable. Our goal is to power other products that deliver value and innovation to investors.



API-Focused Business Model: Tradier has always been API first. Because our focus is on rapid go-to-market, platforms know that our tools are easy to use, robust, and reliable. Our goal is to power other products that deliver value and innovation to investors. Unlike traditional brokers who offer competing products that conflict with its API partners, Tradier encourages investors to subscribe to its connected platforms. We're growing our network and adding new partners to the Tradier ecosystem every day.  Tradier has one of the most extensive and comprehensive offerings with hundreds of contracted connected partners. New partners can choose to build their on the API's or even select from an array of mobile and web-based white-label trading and Robo-advice platforms.

    Comprehensive Stock and Options API:  The Tradier API includes:

1)    Account Opening to build your own fully custom onboarding

2)    Account Funding

3)    Balances and Positions

4)    Activity and History

5)    Statements and Confirms

6)    Equity Trading types across all US-listed securities

7)    Single and Multi-Leg Options Trading

8)    Real-time Data

Digital Advisory API (Robo Advisors): Tradier offers a unique set of new account opening, funding, and brokerage API’s that are suited for Advisors who want to offer a unique product to the market.

REST-based Approach: The Tradier API is secure, built to fully support HTTPS and tested to function effectively across browsers, mobile operating systems and IoT devices. If you are building a Trading platform, Robo Advisor, Social, Mobile or a Web experience, you need a brokerage that can easily integrate into your tech stack without unnecessary headaches. 

Optimal Performance: Tradier API calls are tested, tuned, and used by actual traders and developers. Tradier is an extension of every platform built with our software, so we're constantly working with our users to improve their experience and highlight the innovative ways they use our APIs. We improve the Tradier software based on how investors use our tools in the real world.

Flawlessly test hypotheses: Through our virtual trading and delayed market data APIs, traders can test strategies in an experimental playground. Investment platforms can use our data APIs to build smart, data-driven products and offer virtual-money accounts to their customers so they can get hands-on. Unlike other online brokerages, Tradier’s Virtual Trading API supports Equity and Options Trading. 

Cost: Tradier does not charge for API usage; we make money like any typical brokerage. Because Tradier has a zero-commission* price model, using Tradier APIs means trading platforms can leverage unlimited, commission-free stock and options trading for their account holders. Read our pricing page for further detail. 

No more account minimums: Unlike other brokerages that require $10,000 or more just to open an account, Tradier does not have required minimum funding for opening accounts. 

Onboarding: Tradier supports International (Non-US) accounts. During the onboarding process, we will collaborate with you to fully understand your product and help you navigate through regulatory complexities.

Developer-minded: It’s built by developers, for developers. Our mission was to develop the easiest, most straightforward suite of trading APIs that are also powerful, flexible, and customizable. Because of that, Tradier is one of the largest and most widely used fintech APIs on the market.

It’s about a partnership: Tradier strongly believes in co-innovation. Tradier works as an extension of your build process and we will be there to support you in technology, compliance, and making a big impact during launch.

Competing with you: Tradier is a B2B focused firm whose main goal is to support you on your growth journey. Unlike other brokers, Tradier does not have a combined B2B - B2C focus because we do not want to compete with our users and partners who have a B2C focus.

Support: Tradier developers support all aspects of the API and are available for you as you build and grow your platform.


*Single Listed Index Options are subject to a $0.35/contract fee in addition to any other charges for exchange, OCC, and regulatory fees. See Fee Schedule for more details.

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