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Enabling Innovation: Trailing Stops: How Tradehawk continues to innovate on Tradier.

Enabling Innovation: Trailing Stops: How Tradehawk continues to innovate on Tradier.

TradeHawk has today grown to be a leading retail investor product for Active traders in the market. TradeHawk built its product on the Tradier platform not only because of the extensive API functionality but because of what Tradier stands for. Today teams at both Tradier and Tradehawk fosters open communication and innovation with the sole goal of giving investors a technology enabled edge on the market


 Tradehawk recently announced the availability of Trailing stop orders as a part of its core product. A trailing stop is a dynamic stop order that “trails” a stock, option, or spread by a user-defined amount, and triggers a buy or sell order to close out of a position if it moves in an unfavorable direction.  This feature protects traders and is unavailable in most platforms in the market. Some existing legacy brokers were actually charging for this feature in spite of offering a fairly incomplete and clunky product.


TradeHawk CEO Kevin "Lex" Luthringshausen and their CTO Kosta Panousis are true enetrepeuners. In collaboration with the Tradier Team, they implemented a unique and simple implementation of Trailing Stops. The pace at which this complex problem was solved by collaboration stands not only for how good entrepreneurs hustle but also how the Tradier continues to foster an ecosystem that delivers value to retail investors


Tradier CEO Dan Raju said “We at Tradier have grown to be one of the most widely used Fintech API’s because companies like TradeHawk push us every day to innovate”


In an environment where legacy brokers like Interactive Brokerage, TD Ameritrade, Bank of America and Fidelity have boxed the market with a “we know better approach”, Tradier is able to truly foster an ecosystem that is nimble and drive rapid functionality creation for the investor market. 


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