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We are proud today to discuss, Tradier, as a vibrant ecosystem of investor platforms and services. Our network ecosystem has been in the making since 2014 and today supports over 200 firms and tens of thousands of investors, active traders, developers and sandbox users who leverage us for everything from data to advanced options trading. What started as a Business Process as a Service (BPAAS) to abstract the complexities of the retail capital markets, has grown into an ecosystem where Tradier is an anchor and value creating participant. It has been a journey from an innovative API based brokerage firm with a developer portal to a multiplying-data driven ecosystem.  

A few key facts:

  • Tradier receives 500 Million monthly API calls initiated by investors from platforms.
  • Tradier executed $1B of trade transactions from its community in the last 150 days.
  • The growing ecosystem of close to 200 participants includes Trading Platforms, Research, Technical Analysis, Insights, Quant, Digital Advisors, Educators, Voice apps and AI systems.
  • Our average trader executes twice the number of trades in a month than the industry average.
  • Our average options trader executes twice the number of options contracts in a given month than the industry average.
  • Investors are trading at an average between 250-300 shares per trade.

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