Key2Options Webinar featuring Todd Horwitz

Tradier- Key2Options Webinar featuring Todd Horwitz Webinar featuring Todd Horwitz

 Tradier- Key2Options Webinar featuring Todd Horwitz

Webinar featuring Todd Horwitz
Plan the Trade and Trade the Plan
Nov 30 4:30 PM EST.
Most Retail Traders do not have a trade plan. If they do, it might be something like this: buy long calls when I think the market is bullish and sell when it is bearish. This is why we see traders make emotional trades at all the wrong times. At Key2Options, we study the past to find optimal trades for the future( Plan the Trade). We know exactly what we will do if the market goes up or down (Trade the Plan).
We analyze the market over the past ten years to find the optimal strike price, expiration date, volatility rankings while including specific money management techniques before we enter the trade.Options trading requires knowing the direction of the underlying, amplitude of the move as well as the time frame when that move will happen. Use Key2Options to discover how you can uncover these important elements to create a winning trade plan
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Listen and learn from the best

Todd Horwitz -- known as Bubba -- is a leading market strategist of for some of the best players in the market. He is a regular contributor on Fox, CNBC and Bloomberg. He is also associated with 'The Bubba Show' and "average Joe Options". He is a 36-year member of the Chicago exchanges and was one of the original market makers in the SPX. We are happy to bring you Todd Horwitz

Key2Options is an institutional grade software program designed to allow both retail and professional traders the ability to backtest trading strategies using historical stock and options data from 2007 without having any knowledge of computer programming. Analyze, Create, Backtest, Refine and Trade all through the Key2Options platform. Key2Options and Key2Stocks, owned and operated by Capmark Solutions, LLC, do not give business, financial, or other professional advice.
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Tradier, Inc. ( is a financial services cloud platform provider that offers a ground breaking platform to serve Platform Providers, Banks and Traders. The Tradier offering features an innovative set of fully hosted API’s and modules that are leveraged by a growing list of providers.
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