Google+ Hangout with Dan Raju and Craig Russell - All Stars of Options Trading Event 2014 in NYC

In this Google+ Hangout, Tradier CEO Dan Raju casually chats with Craig Russell (SVP and Chief Product Evangelist) before he heads out to New York


In this Google+ Hangout, Tradier CEO Dan Raju casually chats with Craig Russell (SVP and Chief Product Evangelist) before he heads out to New York to attend the All Stars of Options Trading workshop from September 11 to 12, 2014

Craig shares what to expect from event, his topics and strategies for options, some demonstrations, as well as a special announcement of a new platform from Tradier.

DAN RAJU: Hi Craig, how are you?


DAN RAJU: Hey Craig. I know, you're heading off to New York tomorrow so, you have a few minutes to catch-up with you on the All-Stars Event?

CRAIG RUSSELL: Absolutely!

DAN RAJU: Perfect! So Craig, why don't you, chat with you for a few minutes before you head out, want to catch up about the All-Stars Event, and talk and get your perspective. So help me understand, what is the All Stars Event?

CRAIG RUSSELL: The All Stars of Options Trading event is pre dynamite event going on September 11 and 12 at the Marriott at Times Square. It's a terrific gathering of highly knowledgeable folks.

Naturally there's myself, but then you've got other folks, Dan Gramza,Tom Sosnoff, Dan Nathan is going to be there, Larry Mcmillan, and it's such a terrific line-up of severely knowledgeable options traders who are there to share and teach others the intricacies of making money trading options.

DAN RAJU: Wow. That really looks like a great event. Now Craig, you are going to be speaking there, about, looks like a very interesting topic, could you spend a few minutes and help us understand what you would be speaking about? Looks like you're really excited about it.

CRAIG RUSSELL: You know, I am. I always like getting together with other smart people and talking number 1, half the time I learn much as anybody who comes to listen to me, learns from me, I learn from them, so it's true.

I've got actually 2 topics that I'm speaking on one each day. The first one, I'm going to talk about time and price support and resistance, and how it applies to options trading. So this is really some Gann based analysis, that helps you read the underlying equity to know when the right time to apply specific option strategies comes in.

W.D. Gann was one of the most successful traders of the modern era, and he left us with some pretty good things to do, and I've boiled some pretty straight forward easy time and price work down that can be powerful for folks, especially those with looking to trade more Delta Neutral strategies like Straddles or Strangles.

The second one I'm doing talks about building your options trading plan yourself. Trading options, just like trading anything else, whether it's equities or futures, requires a discipline and a plan. And I've got a short session where I walk you through the exact steps I use to build my own plan each year, and occasionally intra-year when I have to go and revisit it for myself, but I think it's really key that everybody takes the time to put it in place for themselves, and I can give you a lot of great steps and hopefully share some of my mistakes, certainly know that I made my fair share, and if i can keep people from making the same mistakes, or at least making 'em to lesser degree, that's something I enjoy doing.

DAN RAJU: Perfect. That's great! That sounds like a fascinating event. I know that Tradier ecosystem has some amazing options platform that's already connected to it. What can we look forward from the event, from the perspective of how traders can use Tradier's tools, I know there looks like there are some amazing number of great options traders from all over the country that are coming to that event.

CRAIG RUSSELL: Absolutely, We'll be showcasing a couple of the platforms first and foremost, we'll be talking a little bit about OptionVue as well as eSignal, when I talk about my time and price support. And then, there is a special surprise, we'll be announcing a new platform that's gonna be pretty big news so, people should come and find out what that is.

DAN RAJU: Wow! Looking forward to it. I know Craig, you're extremely busy. I know you're heading out so, we're all looking forward to the event, I'm sure you're looking forward to it too.

Have a safe journey and thanks for taking the time Craig. Appreciate it.


For workshop information and registration, please visit the official page of the All Stars of

Options Trading 

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