An API that lets Fintech Developers focus on the customer

A Brokerage API that lets Fintech Entrepreneurs and Developers focus on the customer...



Topic: A Brokerage API that lets Fintech Entrepreneurs and Developers focus on the customer.

Event: FinDEVr 2014 San Fransisco: Dan Raju, CEO of Tradier and Craig Russell, Chief Evangelist of Tradier will describe, how new API’s are removing all the roadblocks and are enabling innovation.

The financial services industry is going through an imminent re-assembly in the way value, choice and user empowerment is being delivered. Brokerage API provider Tradier is causing a disruptive impact on how these services are being built. Learn how large and small firms are now able to deliver market applications and brokerage capabilities within days that have historically taken months and years. If you  have built or are building an App, Trading Platform, Mobile, Social or a Wearable App, Checkout the Tradier API. Tradier is a one-stop API for Data, Trading and Brokerage services. Developers and Startups can now focus on delivering value to retail users while leveraging the Tradier Cloud engine without having to worry about unnecessary builds to support market data, trading and access to the markets.




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