Option Workbench Webinar - January 16th

Please join Craig Hilsenrath on [Thursday January 16th at 6pm EST]

Please join Craig Hilsenrath on Thursday January 16th at 6pm EST for a webinar focused on Option Workbench highlighting their integration with Tradier's API.

Option Workbench 3.0 empowers you like never before to analyze option volatility, risk and trading strategies. The newest version of the popular software puts a wider array of tools at your fingertips – tools that give you more ways to reach the right decisions faster and construct smarter trades.

Webinar Details

Thursday January 16th at 6pm EST

The process of trading options, or any asset, can be categorized into three main activities. The first step in establishing a position is discovery. A trader needs to find an opportunity, compare the strategies that may be used to take advantage of that opportunity and analyze the risks associated with each alternative. Once an opportunity is discovered a trader must execute the trades needed to establish the position. Depending on the complexity of that position, one or more orders need to be submitted to a broker and monitored. Once established, an option position usually requires more attention than a simple equity or future position.

This presentation will demonstrate how Option Workbench can be used to simplify this process for option traders. We will follow the process from discovery to execution to management and show how the three activities are actually iterative for most option positions.

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