Interview with ChartIQ President: Dan Schleifer

ChartIQ President and Co-Founder Dan Schleifer talks about ChartIQ, charting features and the latest integration with Tradier Brokerage.

ChartIQ President and Co-Founder Dan Schleifer talks about ChartIQ, charting features and the latest integration with Tradier Brokerage. 

Dominic: Hi Everyone, I'm Dominic Banguis, and today we have a very special guest in our live hangout session, we have ChartIQ President and Co-Founder, Dan Schleifer.

Hey Dan, thanks for coming on the show!

Dan: Hey Dominic, Thanks for having me.

Dominic: So, for those people who are not familiar with ChartIQ, could you tell us more about it?

Dan: So ChartIQ, we produce technical analysis and charting software, and what really makes our software different is that the software itself runs on any device you can imagine with a screen on. So every Mac, PC, Android, iOS, Blackberry 10, anything with a screen, a keyboard, a touch interface, as we deliver professional quality charting / technical analysis tools, down to all of those devices all synchronized together. So no matter where you are, you have all of your data, all of the tools at your fingertips.

Dominic: That's sounds great! So, how did ChartIQ happen. How did it started?

Dan: Sure. So my co-founder an I started the business about two and a half years ago. We have both been around the industry, both in financial services as well as in software, in generally, and saw the state of the art as far as technical analysis and charting was really lagging behind 10 to 15 years, still really tethered to the desktop, everything else in your life, you could do from your phone or your tablet - you could book a hotel, book an airline ticket, deposit a check with a camera on your smartphone, but if you wanted professional quality trading tools, they simply didn't exist.

And so we setup the business to build, really a charting and visualization engine that'll would work across all these devices. And we licensed that technology out  to brokerages, trading platform developers - those kinds of things, and of course make it available to individual traders that want really high quality tools no matter what they're on.

Dominic: Yeah. That's sounds great! So, I was looking at the features, and there's a lot - so could you tell us what are the main features for ChartIQ?

Dan:  Sure. So as you would expect with any professional grade charting engine, we provide a whole wealth of market data, charting with any sort of time interval that the user might want - so everything from 1 minute bars up to 1 month bars, and every increment in between. We offer range of over 80 different technical indicators, a couple dozen different technical drawing tools and the ability for all of that information to be syncronized across all devices. So at your desk, you may have 6 or  8 screens with hundred charts all updating live, and when you flip open your iPad when the kids go to sleep, all of your information - your trendlines, your drawings, your invitations, watchlists, all of that is synchronized down to that mobile devlce.

And of course, most recently - the thing we'll talk about today is adding live trading.

Dominic: Yes. With integration with Tradier, how did that happen? Could you explain further?

Dan: Sure.  I was fortunate enough to meet Dan Raju, the CEO and Founder of Tradier. And just great guy overall - and really loved the vision for Tradier.

We've been around the brokerage space a long time, the interfaces that are available to software providers like us, are very old and limited, and Tradier (Brokerage) gave us the ability to deliver our trading from the charts. So really simple drag and drop trading, directly from the chart, and to deliver that out to any interested active trader. And the ability again to deliver across any platform.

So if you've got a stop loss set, and you're on the train, you flip over your phone and change where that stop loss is, you can tap it and drag it down with your finger, and resubmit the order, and so it was really Tradier's ability to deliver that high quality API that made it possible for us.

Dominic: That sounds amazing. So with this latest integration of Tradier API, could you say that this is the start of mobile trading? I mean, this is the future of trading?

Dan: Oh absolutely! When you look, here in the US certainly, people are still tied to their desktop during the day, but people expect to have those kinds of high quality tools on their mobile device. Right now, we don't see a single US brokerage really delivering high quality charting and technical analysis down to their mobile device so, we think that's really an important trend, obviously the traders who are just coming of age now, they are in their 20's and 30's are more comfortable and prefer, people like myself, that want to work from a smartphone. And I think when you look at the global trend, you know, people around the world, have kind of skipped the PC and gone on right to the smartphone. So I think as we look at trading and emerging markets, the future is clearly mobile touch devices.

Dominic: Great! That sounds great! Are there any updates aside from Tradier, that's going to happen for ChartIQ?

Dan: Sure.  So we've got a new release coming out, which is of course launching the Tradier (Brokerage) integration. But as we generally do with out quarter releases, which is putting out a whole slew of new features for our traders so, new technical indicators, the ability to run historical corellation coefficient between multiple assets, so for people that tend to do long-short hedging, want to look at an emerging market versus US market, and a series of whole new drawing tools and new technical features. And so we do try to keep things fresh, and put out releases generally on a quarterly basis to all of our users. The Tradier (Brokerage) and  trading from the chart, is really the headline feature for this release, and we're certainly most excited about.

Dominic: Yeah. And so are we. Is there any speaking engagements in the future for ChartIQ?

Dan: Absolutely. At the end of this month, we'll be at StocktoberFest, and so Tradier's attending as well, I believe Dan is speaking, in fact you guys may have a couple of speaking slots, but Howard Lindsen who throws Stocktober Fest is a personal friend as well as an investor in ChartIQ, so we attend his events, If you've never been, it's probably my favorite finance conference of the year, it's a great mix of individual traders, technology providers like myself, the Yahoo finance's of the world, the TD Ameritrade's of the world, all mingling and talking and networking together so, we're certainly about that.

Dominic: And that's sound amazing Dan. So Dan, thank you for coming to the show, thank you for sharing information about the Tradier (Brokerage) integration and all the new stuff coming out from ChartIQ.

Dan: Thanks Dominic!

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