Live education is always a great opportunity

Hello all, In the world of trading, knowledge is one of the most important tools a trader can arm themselves with.


Hello all,

In the world of trading, knowledge is one of the most important tools a trader can arm themselves with. To that end, our good friends at OptionVue are putting on a great live event you should consider attending. Looking forward to seeing you there.

Craig Russell


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Earnings Plays - Revolutionary New Concepts


Trading the options around earnings dates has always been a popular trading strategy.  OptionVue is about to revolutionize earnings plays.  Len said, "There is a lot of gold to be mined here; it's just a matter of applying the right strategies to the right stocks.


Imagine being able to profit from buying straddles on many stocks every earnings season.  For instance, there is one stock in particular where the expected return is +95% per trade, on average.  During the past two years, 6 of this company's last 8 earnings announcements were profitable trades, and again, the average (of all 8 trades) yielded +95%.  And that's 95% in less than 24 hours!


According to our research, the results of which will be available directly through the OptionVue software, there are nine stocks in particular where buying a straddle prior to earnings and selling it afterwards yields a gain of more than 50% on average.  On these stocks, the options seem to always be undervalued prior to announcement time. Lower the standard just a bit to 30% and there are 29 stocks that qualify.


Len Live

On the other hand, there are 12 stocks where selling a straddle prior to earnings and closing it afterwards yields a gain of more than 30% on average.  On these stocks, the options seem to be regularly overvalued prior to announcement.  Calendar spreads could also be used in these situations for a more conservative approach.


OptionVue has set up algorithms that perform comprehensive searches, involving backtesting and simulated trading, to find the very best opportunities and bring them to light.  These processes run on a regular basis in the NetVue servers and there is no work involved for OptionVue customers.  All you have to do is place the trades.  


We Set Them up; You Knock Them Down!


In addition to applying sophisticated search algorithms to the earnings play concepts, we have been busy developing some brand new concepts.  For example, we explored the possible effects of one company's announcement upon other companies in the same industry and found the results to be extremely interesting.  This has led us to two exciting new approaches, which Len will present and discuss in Chicago August 2nd.  According to Len "No one has ever written about these approaches.  That is, I have never come across them before in my reading.  And they're very, very interesting."


Chicago Seminar

Then there is one more concept.  There might be some knowledge of this approach in the industry, but we here at OptionVue have never pursued it until now.  It would seem that there are many stocks that "run" uni-directionally on announcement day.  That is, if they open to the upside then they push higher all day, right up to the close.  If they open to the downside then they push lower all day.  We developed a new report that lists all the stocks that perform this way and qualifies them from the best on down.


Altogether there are five different reports, each listing the top candidates in each of the five different types of earnings plays. OptionVue will be able to draw these lists right into the Quotes Display where it is easy to see which opportunities are coming up next, and at the conference Len will be coaching you on exactly what action to take -- when to get in and when to get out.


"This new system ranks right up there with VXX trading in terms of excitement.  I'm talking about making profits.  And it fits nicely with VXX trading because these earnings plays are interesting and give you something to do from day to day.  Here in the office, several of us are doing them and it's exciting because we're all making money." -- LenDuring your OptionVue 7 Trial, you will be supported by a well-qualified Product Consultant to walk you through the software and to provide you with one-on-one assistance so you learn to get the most from OptionVue 7.  Test drive OptionVue 7 and discover how you can start trading with a competitive advantage in 2013.

Live Seminar

There is a substantial risk of loss in trading financial instruments of any kind including stocks, futures and options.  Clients should consider all relevant risk factors, including their own personal financial situation, before trading.  Don't trade with money you can't afford to lose.  Past performance is not indicative of future results.

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