Tradier Welcomes Tiblio AI As Newest Partner

Tradier is eager to announce a new partnership with Tiblio AI, a service that accelerates the path to financial independence.

Tradier is eager to announce a new partnership with Tiblio AI, a service that accelerates the path to financial independence. Its software works to generate income for the investor expanding their holdings even when they do not deposit new capital, making it an exciting new addition. 

Tradier consistently partners with companies that bring greater tools and capabilities to investors and therefore was interested in supporting Tiblio through their development and implementation process. Tiblio offers many benefits to investors, including: 

  • Sells stock options according to rules and settings set by the investor
  • Offers an enhancement of the buy-and-hold strategy that seeks to maximize option income
  • Reduces the investor’s cost basis along with maximum drawdowns of the portfolio
  • Takes care of proper option pricing
  • Obtains order fills
  • Monitors for profit
  • Avoids earnings dates
  • Seeks to provide the best return with the lowest fees
  • Easy to configure and automated

Part of the reason for Tiblio’s success comes from its automated software. Every aspect of the strategy is automated, removing human emotion and driving consistent results. It has the potential to make a greater impact than traditional robo advisors that depend on regular, recurring capital contributions. 

Tiblio AI CEO Kevin Hamilton has a history of being fascinated by algorithms and studied one of the very first adapting reasoning algorithms to interpret a huge array of market data points to produce buy and sell signals. He completed an undergrad at UT Austin in 2002 with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA in 2019 from UCLA. Tiblio AI’s leadership team is dedicated to the principles of customer service, radical truth, and radical transparency. They also believe in equal access and are dedicated to providing software and services that are affordable to everyone. 

Much of the focus behind Tiblio AI comes from extensive conversations with retail investors who shared insight on common pain points and mistakes that have huge consequences on trading accounts. Tiblio fills the gap between excessively conservative investment options and excessively risky options, creating a general mood of excitement for investors waiting for a solution like this. 

Since going live on December 8, 2022 trading in a Tradier Paper Money Account, Tiblio AI has successfully traded the wheel strategy and produced returns of over 7% with over $11,000 of option premium sold. During the same period, SPY has returned just over 3%. As part of our radical transparency, you can see all of the details of this paper money account and follow along as Tiblio AI manages the account at:

Visit Tiblio AI to learn more at


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