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StockCharts connects with Tradier. StockChartsTransforming how 1.6 million traders see the market by packing in value.

I recently saw my colleague Lex interview a trader on the OptionsBrew show. The trader said something in passing on this week's show that grabbed my attention. She said, “When I visualize the markets on, I can now not only realize opportunities but can now act commission-free”.

 Such quotes from a seasoned trader who is a long-term user of StockCharts explains why 1.6 million traders use them monthly and also how over the years they have constantly innovated and created continuous value for traders. No Hype. No big claims. They meet traders where it matters the most. Just a simple mission and hard work making a difference for traders each day. These folks have really found a way to let traders find simplicity through visualization of vast volumes of market data. Today Stockcharts is trusted by millions of traders as the most advanced and interactive platform charting platform.  

   Many of you know about the launch of StockChartsACP which includes commission-free equity and options trading through Tradier. If you are an options trader and trading over 20 times a month or 100 plus contracts, you are likely paying hundreds of dollars or even thousands a month in commissions even today. That 65 cents a contract kills you. With StockchartsACP you have a “Netflix” kind of pricing where you pay a low $25 monthly and can trade unlimited options contracts without any fee. You can learn more at

Providing comprehensive financial education is a core objective of StockCharts in addition to great charting tools and unlimited commission-free options and equity trading. StockchartsACP makes available an awesome knowledge base and perspectives from key leaders in the market. Alongside with educational resources, your subscription lets you access expert market commentary from many industry-renowned technical analysts to help you better understand what is happening in the markets. From daily blogs to live shows, Stockcharts bring you insightful content from charting legends like John Murphy, Martin Pring, David Keller, Arthur Hill, and many others. You should also visit StockChartsTV


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