Option Samurai Integrates with Tradier Brokerage to Empower Investors to Directly Execute Trades from its Options Scanner Application

Tradier Brokerage, Inc. today announced that Option Samurai has integrated with the Tradier API to empower investors to execute trades...

Stock Market Research Service Integrates with the Tradier API to Enable Access to Brokerage Technology

Charlotte, North Carolina – June 15, 2015 — Tradier Brokerage, Inc., the leading cloud-based financial services brokerage firm, today announced that Option Samurai has integrated with the Tradier API to empower investors to execute trades directly from the options scanner application. The relationship will enable Option Samurai users to convert stock market insights leveraged from the 1.1 million option scans it conducts daily to now make trades directly from the service’s application.

Option Samurai scans data sources, including corporate data, dividends and earnings, options data and other company fundamentals to comprehensively analyze potential trades and offer recommendations all in one place. The integration with Tradier enables the individual investor to reduce data subscription costs and utilize better pricing to seamlessly translate analysis into trade execution -- without having to leave the extensive data and analysis resources at Option Samurai.

"We continue to be humbled with the wide-spread adoption of the Tradier API. Tradier is committed to creating new opportunities for the modern investor and to empowering organizations to bring innovation to enhance investor and trader experiences," said Rio Slaven, Head of Marketing and Community at Tradier, Inc. "We’re excited to be working with Option Samurai to create an environment where investors can open an app and seamlessly turn smart stock market data into a trade reality."

"This integration with Tradier allows us to continue giving an edge to individual investors by allowing them to access our extensive data and immediately execute a trade," said Leav Graves, founder and CEO of Option Samurai. "We provide the context needed in today’s fast moving trading environment to make the best decisions with a formulaic approach that keeps investors ahead of the stock market. With Tradier, we’re excited to keep our users ahead of the curve by adding execution to our data rich platform."

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