Market Report Is the Trend changing
By Todd Horwitz on Sep 12, 2021 at 9:13:10 AM ∙ Comments

Market Report Is the Trend changing



Todd Horwitz Chief Strategist

Be Prepared not Surprised.

Although all equity markets were lower last week the options markets continued with a bullish posture. However, the trend appears to be changing. With last week and this week being holiday week’s its hard to make any judgements.

The week ahead promises to be interesting, there is the Jewish Holiday of Yom Kippur followed by September’s triple witching expiration. We know that volumes will be light in the middle of the week with big volume on Friday. This action is expected and should have no real effect on markets unless its directional.

The best course of action is observation, discipline, and patience. Trying to make something happen in these dull markets is really a fool’s game. Price action always dictates what’s to come and this time will be no different. There are may reasons to believe a sell off is coming however price will tell us.

The option strategies continue to lean bullish with call buying leading the way. Rounding out the top 5 were bull puts, bull put spreads, bear puts, and bear put spreads. The strategies themselves don’t tell the entire story; they are just another piece of the puzzle.

The bull’s leaderboard has been more mixed that the past few months with AAPL, DKNG, SPY, IWM and SPY as the top 5 bullish trades last week. The Bears were led by XLE, VXX, SPCE, ZM and GOLD. With the holiday and triple witching this week, anything can happen. Be prepared not surprised

As traders and investors, we have one thing to remember, follow the trend of the market. Be patient disciplined and leave your emotions out. The most important thing to remember is money management and self-control. 

Todd “Bubba” Horwitz

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