The Right Balance Between Features and Usability for a Trading Platform
By - Dan Raju, CEO at Tradier on Jan 15, 2021 at 11:00:08 AM ∙ Comments

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Traders are often unaware of the numerous hidden costs that accompany options trades. These costs can overwhelm options, causing traders to not receive the full power of their investment. With a transparent, full-service trading platform, users can have a simple, seamless trading process. 


TradeHawk is the best platform for stock and options, providing users with a powerful, cost-effective way to trade and invest. Investing through TradeHawk is simple and fully customizable, creating the perfect balance between features and usability. Utilizing TradeHawk ensures a streamlined process that enables trading with ease and security. 


TradeHawk: The Perfect Balance Between Features and Usability


Built by industry experts who have made a living through the options market, TradeHawk is an accumulation of the experiences and desires of professionals. With firsthand knowledge of what is truly needed for easy, effective trading, professional traders designed a platform to meet those needs. 


In order to ensure ease of use and high-quality features, TradeHawk includes the most essential components for successful trading according to the experts. These features include a Strategy Tracker that is used to manage custom strategies from beginning to end, as well as every potential adjustment. 


Also included is Stager, used for compiling future stock, option, and spread orders, a What-If Risk Simulation in order to analyze the risk and reward of potential trades through the entire position in a ticket, a trading ticket that enables users to manage stocks and options in one view, as well as triggers and brackets for managing stops and profits. 


Along with essential, top-notch features, TradeHawk creators designed the platform to provide ease of usability. To this end, features work cohesively with an intuitive workflow, as well as simple order entry and management. The platform provides customized set up and analysis tools, numerous order types, advanced orders, and conditional orders for portfolio management. 


The usability of TradeHawk creates a perfect balance with the features, ensuring a platform that provides a seamless flow for ease of trading and investing. TradeHawk is simple to use, enabling users to build orders, enter them in the marketplace, and manage their portfolios with a mere click. 


The user can create automated entries and exits that are based on the user’s inputs. This automated feature also helps with accurate decision making.   


Another usability feature of TradeHawk are the abundance of “how-to” videos that are available online and private demos that are sent directly to customers. These videos provide all of the information needed to effectively use the TradeHawk platform for secure, powerful, and successful trading and investing. 


With TradeHawk, users are given a simple way to trade. There are no hidden costs and no unknown risks, such as those associated with other options trades. Each subscription option, from paper trading, to mobile only, to unlimited trading, provides a simple and effective way to trade that includes the perfect balance between features and usability.  


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