StockCharts Sees Meteoric Rise In Daily Active Users on Heels of Retail Options Trading Platform Launch, Showing Power of Embedded Finance
By Tradier Inc. on Jan 27, 2021 at 12:44:19 PM ∙ Comments

Integrated with Tradier Brokerage to Offer Commission-Free Options Trading, StockChartsACP Equips Investors with Advanced Technical Charting and Trading Tools to Analyze and Execute Trades

Charlotte, NC, January 27, 2021: StockCharts, the web's leading technical analysis and financial charting platform for online retail investors, today announced that they have eclipsed 1.6 million users on the heels of launching StockCharts Advanced Charting Platform (StockChartsACP), a groundbreaking integration with Tradier Brokerage, that offers commission-free option trading and equips investors with advanced technical charting and trading tools to analyze and execute trades.

“The challenge in retail trading is there’s a strong need for visualization and meaningful research that can be at odds with the ability of retail traders to seamlessly execute trades” said Dan Raju, co-founder and CEO of Tradier. “StockChartsACP overcomes this hurdle with a visual-first model, allowing traders to uncover hidden value, keep a pulse on the market, and time with professional precision. The success of StockChartsACP truly demonstrates the power of embedded finance.”

StockChartsACP users can trade directly from the Advanced Charting Platform, making this offering a one-stop shop for traders. The flat-rate service allows users to trade options freely for $25/month, standing in stark comparison to traditional per-contract pricing.

“The meteoric increase in users shows the pent-up demand for tools, commentary and education coupled with active trading,” said Chip Anderson, President and Founder of StockCharts. “The innovative capabilities provided within StockChartsACP are redefining online retail investing, helping our users improve their trading outcomes, identify trends, and derive important insights that other platforms might not have allowed them to spot. No other platform allows retail traders to process trades with this degree of information.”

Using Tradier’s distinctive plug-in model and reliable API, StockChartsACP gives traders a wide array of technical indicators and overlays, customizable multi-chart layouts, additional data views, and more. Users can create their own custom traders experience to unlock value in unparalleled ways.

The StockChartsACP tool is available now on Users can easily explore the extensive charting features of the platform for free simply by visiting from their desktop, laptop or tablet. More information about the platform's capabilities and features can also be found at


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About StockCharts

StockCharts is the web's leading technical analysis and financial charting platform for online retail investors. Founded in 1999 by early Microsoft developer Chip Anderson, the company has been an industry leader in the financial technology space for nearly two decades, providing innovative, award-winning charting and analysis tools to a global audience.

By using technology to help investors visualize financial data, allows users to better analyze the markets, monitor and manage their portfolios, find promising new stocks and funds to buy, and ultimately make smart, well-timed investment decisions. With over 1.5 million active monthly users and counting around the world, the company serves an ever-growing, ever-changing array of active traders and investors.

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