How Did Tradier Grow to Become the Most Preferred Place for Launching Investment Platforms?
By - Dan Raju, CEO at Tradier on Jan 6, 2021 at 10:07:57 AM ∙ Comments



With our extensive catalog of services specifically geared toward nurturing investment platforms, they cultivate success, attracting traders and advisors alike. We know that ideas need to be guided to reach their full maturity and their tools and platforms allow you to do just that.


That is why we have a level-by-level suite of programs that will take your investment platform to its fullest potential. We don’t just hand you a how-to manual and send you on your way but guide you through the growth process to make sure your launch is a landmark achievement, every time.


Why Tradier?


When a builder or developer starts their own platform, they have two goals in mind: The first is to be the foremost authority for market trading that will draw the most significant share of clients. The second is giving the people what they need to see to keep them coming back for more.


If a builder or developer has an unwieldy platform and doesn’t help its customers make any profitable trades to increase their financial stability, it will invariably fail. Customers will not stick around fumbling in the dark and hoping for the best. The market is difficult without added frustrations.


Tradier helps builders improve their product, find its weak points, and guide them to a finished platform that will do its job and do it right. It sets up the builder as a partner, lending a hand, sharing in the success, and taking a little of the issues that may arise on its well-established shoulders. Tradier lets you know that we have your back.


In the ever-changing world of stocks with new platforms springing up like dandelions, knowing you have a support system with years of experience in investment platform technology is worth its weight in gold. As a Tradier partner, you will never have to go it alone again. 


Builder Benefits


The most significant benefits for builders start with compatibility. Tradier is viable on all platforms. We have worked very hard to ensure their customers that when a platform needs to be accessed, they can be no matter what OS or interface is being used. Your customers will appreciate this as new tech mediums arise on the market.


We also offer a very competitive pricing structure so that users will be drawn to your platform. It provides value to current users and attracts new customers. Customers generate buzz, and the buzz gets attention, which improves traffic. With a unique pricing strategy, you will see more traffic than with any other system.


With an aggressive campaign, coupled with the current list of users that prefer to check in with Tradier to see what is new. Tradier combines their effort with your existing marketing strategy, and together, there isn’t a corner of the world your potential investors can hide.


Platform Fixes for Developers


Developers speak in code, and because of this, they need an account medium that can talk clearly in their language. That is what Tradier does. We offer access to Tradier accounts at no charge to the developer and giving them the key to unlocking full functionality through code.


In the code, developers can pinpoint integrity weaknesses more easily than searching in a more rudimentary way, improving efficiency and letting them know Tradier had them in mind when they designed the platform. This kinship draws more developers and improves the data within the accounts.


So, Why Choose Tradier?


The biggest reason is the price. We offer a very economical price point for all services, including options for builders, developers, and firms. Their pricing system is so unique, it has received plenty of attention from other investment groups as the metric for which they do business.


Something else, Tradier offers a collaborative spirit that many companies wouldn’t dream of. They are in it to draw business for financial boosts, but we want to be a partner, sharing triumphs and failures. We want to be involved, not just greedy spectators.


Finally, the Tradier team is committed to an ethical and moral approach to trading, something rarely found in the finance world. At Tradier, we strive always to do the right thing. With this philosophy in mind, many platforms join forces with them quickly and without a moment's concern that they might not be the genuine article.




Aligning with Tradier is just good business. We want you to succeed because that is how we grow. We offer the tools you need to thrive because they want to share in your victories. It is a team effort, and Tradier is here as your coach, your captain, and even your cheerleaders.


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