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By - Dan Raju, CEO at Tradier on Oct 27, 2020 at 11:11:41 AM ∙ Comments


As you are building your brokerage experience, you want a fast-growing investor marketplace where you can publish yourself and get established. Ideally, a brokerage and financial platform should give you the options you need to stretch your wings while giving you the freedom to build your expertise. That’s where Tradier comes in. 

Why choose Tradier?

Our platform providers and entrepreneurs can use Tradier to create their dream trading platform. Once they have their own space developed, they can send it out and offer it in the Tradier ecosystem. We like to think of ourselves as the “last mile” for your broker needs. We do the heavy lifting for you so that you can focus on your product and getting it to market. 

Publishing on Tradier and What It Does for Your Investments

As a builder in the brokerage and investment space, you are in a unique place to offer the world something they need. With us, you can commercially offer a product for retail traders and investors right from the Tradier marketplace!

Benefits You Can Expect to See

One of our favorite parts about the Tradier marketplace and what it can offer you as a builder is the opportunity to work with you. Tradier offers co-marketing and brand recognition so you gain new customers, all in one convenient online location. We also give our builders commission-free stock and options trading, something you won’t find elsewhere. 

And while it’s tough to say exactly how long it will be before you see those benefits because it depends on the product, don’t let that deter you. If you believe in your product, the potential for quick returns is real and very exciting. 

Are there drawbacks to using Tradier?

Sure, we aren’t as well known as the bigger legacy brokers, like TD or Fidelity, but what we lack in name recognition, we make up for in our convenience and opportunities. With us, you won’t just be another builder. You will be a valued member of our growing marketplace. 

Ultimately, partnering with Tradier is partnering with your future. We work with you and want to see you reach the success you’ve always dreamed of. Your success is our success! We also offer unique pricing structures to help you attract new users, all while providing value to your current subscribers. See how Tradier can push you to the next level today!

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