Did more, used less, and accomplished our way to growth
By Tradier Post on Feb 11, 2019 at 9:05:11 AM ∙ Comments

On 4th year of launching our API product, I wanted to congratulate the Tradier Team and thank our clients Today, Tradier has over 150 connected firms as clients, processing millions of executions, contracts and shares.  We started with a core belief that by taking the legacy burdensome vertical called “Brokerage” and unbundle it into a set of easily adaptable microservices, this will have an unleashing effect on the market.  The idea that one can build take an API business in a highly regulated and closed industry, in order to change the way we invest, did not happen instantly. Over the last 4 years, we have learned how to build and operate an API business, enable a growing ecosystem with innovative products, evangelize and most importantly price our products right.  We don’t believe in giving away something for free when that costs. We refused to be measured by how much money we raised.  Today we have achieved scale by comparatively using little capital, doing more, proving our model and bootstrapping to today’s scale and growth.  At our core, both communication, accountability and "doing the right thing" have been key to the company’s progress, from early build, prototyping, launch, to full commercialization.

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