Bracket and Trigger Orders
By - Dan Raju, Tradier CEO on Oct 29, 2018 at 8:14:06 AM ∙ Comments


Something sweet that won’t rot your teeth this Halloween - Kevin Luthringshausen, CEO, TradeHawk 

We at TradeHawk are always looking to create value and an edge for our traders. This mission has helped us become a widely used platform in the market. TradeHawk offers the new alternative to the legacy Think or Swim and Interactive Brokers platforms. Continuing on this path, we are releasing Bracket and Trigger Orders in time for Halloween.  These order types allow users to place conditional and one cancels other (OCOs) on stocks, options, and spreads on the Tradier API.  Managing your portfolio with such order types removes emotion from trading decisions, giving you added opportunity to search for your next great trade! We have spent the time and energy to make sure that you as a trader have the best seamless experience. 

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- Kevin Luthringshausen, CEO, TradeHawk 

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