Trading on the go with ChartIQ
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With trading technology evolving at a rapid pace, Tradier Brokerage, Inc.* has been keeping up to date with all the latest mobile developments. ChartiIQ, a technical analysis applications focused on tablets and smartphones, is now integrated with Tradier Brokerage - allowing traders to makes trades on go.

Trade right from your mobile app

Smartphones and tablets are the fastest growing sector in online trading, and the latest apps allow traders to research and execute trades – from anywhere. Gone are the days when traders were tied to their desks.

ChartIQ (, a technical analysis platforms designed for mobile devices, is now trading enabled. Originally created solely for technical analysts or chartist, the integration with Tradier Brokerage has opened doors for trading while in the platform.

Accessing the trading platform from your smart phone is not only convenient, but also gives traders peace of mind, knowing that they are always just an app away from accessing their trading account.

OS Compatible

Regardless of what smart phone you use, ChartIQ is available for platforms such as Android, iOS and Windows. Their smart and elegant user interface is fairly easy to use for the mobile savvy trader.

Data Security

The integration between ChartIQ and Tradier Brokerage is through a secure channel,  ensuring that trader information is safe from third-party access.

Tradier Brokerage Integration

ChartIQ traders will be able to make trades at a low price of $3.49 per equity order and $0.35 per options contract.** – allowing you to focus on your trades and not on how much you’re spending on fees.  

Mobile trading is the next step for traders, freeing them from having to trade only from their desks and using laptop or a desktop computers. With the coming improvements in connectivity and constantly evolving mobile technology, mobile trading will continue to get just as advanced.

If you are interested in learning more about trading on your mobile device, check out ChartIQ’s website to learn about their technical analysis apps,

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** Other fees and applicable minimums may apply.

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