Livevol Core expands platform features with Tradier Brokerage integration
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This week’s integration of Tradier Brokerage within Livevol Core’s online market and scanning platform is Tradier’s latest initiative to give traders an expanding array of choice when it comes to industry-leading platforms and tools. Livevol Core customers can now have a fully integrated trading experience, monitor and place trades directly from the Livevol Core platform.

Livevol Core’s web-based platform is designed to give investors actionable market information in a focused and accessible presentation. Livevol’s proprietary implied volatility calculations, scanners, and real-time market activity statistics can help you take your trading to a new level.

The best part is that Tradier Brokerage customers can now access leading options research and analysis on the Livevol Core platform for FREE, and also execute trades at $0.35 per option contract and $3.49 per equity trade.

Some of Livevol Core’s features:

Market Scanning – Core offers the same 80+ live scans built by in-house option experts. Find, for example, stocks that are making new highs in price and volatility, have unusual options activity or are establishing a 5-day volatility trend.

Custom Scanner – Build and save your own unique scans using all the available criteria in the Market Scans through an easy drag and drop utility.

Sectors - Volatility and option volume alerts highlight which sector components are in play. Also updated live are the top four covered calls in every sector with the expected percentage return should the stock move to the call strike.

Stats Window – Access the most significant statistics on each underlying including: 52-week price and volatility highs/lows, option trades breakdown and the day’s largest 20 trades.

Alerts Center – Stay on top of your Watch List by setting price and IV30 high/low alerts. There’s even room to write your own notes next to each alert.

Volatility Charts – Review how expensive or cheap option prices appear relative to their past history. View up to 2-years of implied and historical volatility analysis.


How to start trading within Livevol Core using Tradier Brokerage:


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Step 1: LivevolCore subscribers login.  

Go to, enter username and password to gain access.


LivevolCore - Tradier Brokerage Integration_Login.png

Step 2: Authorize Access to Tradier API

Once connected to Livevol Core, enter Tradier username and password.


LivevolCore Tradier Authorization.png


Step 3: Tradier Pop-up Window

Enter your Tradier Brokerage username/password.


Tradier Brokerage Login Window.png


Step 4: Tradier account verification. Approve access.


Tradier Brokerage Approve access.png


Congratulations! Your Tradier Brokerage window should now be visible on your Livevol Core platform. For a detailed instruction on how to set and execute trades, please watch our detailed video below:


There’s a reason why Livevol platforms are so popular with professional and retail traders. Every style of trading – pure volatility, specific strategies, or individual stocks or sectors - is enhanced with Livevol’s analytics.


With Tradier Brokerage’s fee of $3.49 per order, and $0.35 per contract for options, Livevol Core traders can focus on their trades without having to worry about fees. Traders who sign up for a Tradier Brokerage account will have full API access that comes with a complete set of tools and data access for the best trading experience. Sign-up with Tradier Brokerage today!


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