Leading Options Trading and Analysis Software Livevol Integrates with Tradier
By Tradier Inc. on Dec 19, 2014 at 4:55:39 PM ∙ Comments

Livevol, an advanced options trading and analysis platform is now connected to Tradier Brokerage creating a FREE offering to retail investors that combines the needs of next generation of online options traders with cost effective brokerage execution and technology.

Charlotte, North Carolina - December 19, 2014 — Tradier Brokerage Inc. today announced the integration to the Tradier Brokerage API of Livevol Core. Customers can now use the Livevol Core Product for FREE to access leading options research and analysis, and also execute trades at $0.35 per option contract and $3.49 per equity trade.

Livevol Core customers can now have a fully integrated trading experience and monitor trades directly from the Livevol Core platform. Livevol Core web-based platform is designed to give investors actionable market information in a focused and accessible presentation. Livevol's proprietary implied volatility calculations, scanners, and real-time market activity statistics take trading to a new level — keeping traders on the front-line of the market.

"Livevol was built as a part of our vision to offer a high performance options platform that provides great analytics, superior scanning, trading and live idea generation through an intuitive user experience," said Catherine Clay, CEO of Livevol. "As a part of that driving vision we are happy to announce the integration of Livevol Core with Tradier Brokerage."

"Livevol Core's integration with Tradier Brokerage puts a set of powerful options analytics tools at the fingertips of traders," said Dan Raju, CEO and Co-Founder of Tradier, Inc. "Tradier Brokerage account holders now have everything they need to not only quickly identify and assess potential market opportunities but to act on those opportunities — all from their Livevol Core screen."

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