Key2Options announces FREE Trading from its platforms powered by Tradier Brokerage
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Key2Options, a next generation automated backtesting and trading strategy building platform, announced today its integration with Tradier Brokerage.  As a part of this relationship, the fast growing Key2Options customer base and user community will be able to execute free stock and options trading seamlessly from Key2Options. This allows to participate in the markets without fear of trading commissions.  In addition to benefiting from the trader friendly Key2Options backtesting and strategy generation tools, traders can now trade unlimited amount of stock and options trades for free with Tradier Brokerage. Inc. This marks a significant event in the self-directed trader market where innovative products like Key2options are now able to combine next generation trader experiences along with value.

  “Key2Options was started on the basis of two fundamental beliefs. We wanted to create Simplicity and Value.  We have a simple trader friendly platform that lets trader’s backtest and create trading strategies without programming and remove emotion from trade execution. This integration creates unparalleled value for our traders as they do not have to worry trade commissions” said, Ashok Yarlagadda, CEO of Key2Options. “Key2Options joined forces with Tradier Brokerage to make options trading more accessible to a larger trader community. Investors can now create a plan and trade a plan without having to worry about paying per trade”.  

“We are happy that innovative companies like Key2Options are able create great investor products and disrupt the self-directed financial services market. We are excited to power Key2Options and be a part of their growth story” said Stephen Ehrlich, CEO of Tradier Inc.

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Key2Options ( is an institutional grade software program designed to allow both retail and professional traders the ability to backtest trading strategies using historical stock and options data from 2007 without having any knowledge of computer programming. Analyze, Create, Backtest, Refine and Trade all through the Key2Options platform. Key2Options and Key2Stocks, owned and operated by Capmark Solutions, LLC, do not give business, financial, or other professional advice.

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Tradier, Inc. ( is a financial services cloud platform provider that offers a ground breaking platform to serve Platform Providers, Banks and Traders. The Tradier offering features an innovative set of fully hosted API’s and modules that are leveraged by a growing list of providers.

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